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The Wonders of the Imagination

December 19th, 2013 No comments


Due to being able to make anything you want. Yes anything. We have had some stunning creations make their way through the office.


An amazing Zoot Suit in a grey and blue Prince of Wales check. This was the first Zoot Suit I had seen, and I was in awe of its design. They are something you don’t see every day, and I couldn’t wait to see it in the flesh, or material I suppose.


The next suit through the door that caught my eye was a stunning bright crimson red Morar Needle Corduroy Suit. Perfect for this festive season!


DSC 8264 200x300 The Wonders of the Imagination

Corduroy Suits are available in Jumbo Corduroy and Needle Corduroy

DSC 9445 200x300 The Wonders of the Imagination


We also had a Gentleman who wanted something completely different from anything on, he wanted shorts. Bright red shorts! With a matching Portland Nehru Suit Jacket. So that’s what we made him, and it was perfect, he looked amazing!


DSC 8131 200x300 The Wonders of the Imagination

Portland Nehru in Lilac


But my favourite of the year has to be the Double Breasted Festively Coloured Silk Patterned Waistcoat that a Son has bought his Father for Christmas! It’s so bright it added a golden glow to our office – literally. Utterly amazing, and I hope he loves it!


IMG 7619 200x300 The Wonders of the Imagination

Colourful Patterned Waistcoat


Our Tailor pulled out all the stops for this fantastic present. The covered buttons were made out of the waistcoat material and matched perfectly, and as you can see from the photos below he has matched the pattern up exactly where the Double Breasted front overlaps.


After a quick chat with the Son, we decided that just choosing a matching lining back with a waist adjuster would be the perfect match, any other colour may have been a little over powering.


IMG 7623 200x300 The Wonders of the Imagination

Colourful Patterned Waistcoat Detailing

IMG 7619 200x300 The Wonders of the Imagination

Colourful Patterned Waistcoat


This is going to be a great new addition to the Rupert The Tailor website, and we have plenty of other patterns to choose from, so if this takes your fancy keep your eye out for it on the site.


GTH 003 The Wonders of the Imagination

Gold Circle Pattern

GTH 004 The Wonders of the Imagination

Blue Circle Pattern

GTH 002 The Wonders of the Imagination

Red Circle Pattern


So if you want something a little different, don’t hesitate to come to us, whether it is for something you have seen on the site or for something entirely different. Rupert The Tailor can help.


You can call our Rupert The Tailor team on 01335 361287, email us here or use the online chat on the website. Our opening hours are 9am – 5pm Mon to Friday (not including Bank Holidays)


Join us on Facebook and like our Facebook Page to keep up to date with the offers, freebies and new product information. Our Twitter Account is also regularly updated, and our Pinterest Boards are full of our likes and our own product and photo-shoot photos. Definitely worth a look.

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Stocking Fillers You Can’t Go Without!

December 16th, 2013 No comments

Christmas is just around the corner and whether you have finished and have wrapped presents to your hearts content or you are (like me) doing that last mad dash to get everything finished and wrapped on time for the big day, a little help is always appreciated. have plenty of great ideas for stocking fillers for the men in your life. So to help you out we have put a few of the office favourites below.


James Holton Corduroy Trousers
For a stylish and sophisticated look James Holton Trousers are a must have for anyone with a love of Corduroy. Available in a range of colours and sizes these classically styled trousers are perfect to slip into a Christmas Stocking.
Plus the fantastic price and offer that is on until Christmas makes them, oh so more desirable.
Buy One Get One Free. That’s TWO pairs of trousers for £50!

DSC 8214 200x300 Stocking Fillers You Cant Go Without!

Corduroy Trousers

These are only on offer until the 25th December 2013, so don’t miss out. Order soon to receive in time for Christmas.


Harris Tweed Washbag
The Harris Tweed Washbag is a popular favourite in the office, and has been in high demand with customers already after its recent launch to our website 9 days ago.
These are fantastic for keeping your bathroom items tidy, to use whilst travelling, or just for that person who loves tweed.
A fantastic stocking filler for someone special! You could even fill it with little bathroom tokens (Their favourite shaving cream or shower gel) to make it extra special.

IMG 7537 200x300 Stocking Fillers You Cant Go Without!

Harris Tweed Washbag


Rupert The Tailor Red Top Socks and Rupert The Tailor Shortie Socks
Since the favoured Wolsey Grip Top sock was discontinued we have decided to create our own version of this popular item. Our Rupert The Tailor Socks. We have the Red Tops which are knee length, a wool nylon mix and have a reinforced heel and toe for comfort and durability. Perfect for those who like to keep their legs warm and their toes toasty during the colder months.

IMG 5358 200x300 Stocking Fillers You Cant Go Without!

Rupert The Tailor Red Top Socks

We also have the Shortie Version, these are the same length as normal socks but have the wool nylon composition with the same reinforced heel and toe, colour and design as the Red Top Socks. Perfect for those who want the style but not the length!


Both of these socks are on special offer at the moment of buy a pair and get every pair after that for £2 less. This won’t be on for long so don’t wait around.


Other Information You May Want To Know…
To guarantee your items are delivered before Christmas, ordering before the 18th December on Next Day Delivery is advisable. Any orders after the 18th cannot be guaranteed before the 25th December.


Our FREE standard delivery takes around 3-4 days normally, there may be delays of a couple of days around this time of year. Our staff and couriers are doing all they can to make sure your items are with you on time.


The items described above have shown to be very popular, stock is being updated as often as possible and if there are problems with orders you will be notified as soon as possible and if available an alternative will be offered.


You can contact the SuitsMen staff by email here, using the online chat system or by calling our direct line on 01335 361287.


Opening times are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, if you leave a message we will get back to you as soon as possible.


If you need to return something, the wrong size for a Christmas Present, or it wasn’t the right colour. Don’t worry, as long as it has the tags and is in a re-saleable condition we can take items back after the Christmas period for exchange or refund.


If you have any other questions or queries please contact us and we will do everything we can to help you out.


For more offers, information and products visit our Facebook Page, Pinterest Board and Twitter Account.

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Are You Ready?

December 10th, 2013 No comments


Christmas is only 15 days away now, and the shops are becoming the most daunting place to go on a weekend.


The hustle and bustle down high streets, fighting through the mass to get to the shelves (or even in the shop door). Finding that everywhere you go the item you need is constantly sold out! – You didn’t realise it was actually that popular.


You start to dread the weekends coming up to Christmas, just for the factor of having to go out there again, the frustration of getting stuck behind another of the world’s slowest walkers, or those who feel it’s perfectly find to stop dead right in front of a streaming crowd.


Have you ever tried to fit between cars in a parking lot with 700 bags of shopping – it’s pretty much impossible.


So SuitsMen have decided to make your Christmas, this Christmas, the most relaxing, by letting us worry about getting the items you want to you. All we need you to do is choose what you want.


bonfireimageboxnew 300x157 Are You Ready?

Stress Free Christmas


“What about delivery charges?” we hear you call.
Simple – there are none, and you get it in 3-4 working days. (Or next day for a tiny fee)


“What if it’s not the right thing?”
No problem, Freepost returns mean easy refunds and exchanges.


So there really is no reason to go on fighting through the crowds. Queuing at the tills, or searching that fifth shop for that one item which is strangely hard to find. Just buy everything you need from us!


We have everything from Men’s Suits and Jackets to Coats and Trousers. Colourful Shirts with colourful Ties. Assortments of Socks and Underwear. Bags and Bow Ties. Wallets and Waistcoats.


Order online through or call us on 01335 361287 and we can place your order for you over the phone.


Like our Facebook Page to keep up to date with new products, offers and promotions you won’t hear about any other way.


Sign up for our Newsletters to make sure you don’t miss out on customer freebies! (There’s some special Cords on offer now!)


If you want to speak to a member of the SuitsMen Team, call 01335 361287 anytime between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, or email us here. We aim to help and respond as quickly and efficiently as we can.


We want you to have a great and stress free Christmas!


It is the holidays after all!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Rupert The Tailor’s Purple Suit Hits The Stage with the Funny Fokkers!

November 20th, 2013 No comments


The Funny Fokkers are “A crack battalion of comedic talent”, travelling over 7500 miles across 21 RAF stations and Army Barracks bringing a payload of laughter, joy and merriment.


The tour started on the 1st October 2013 and is finishing in Northolt on the 27th November 2013.


And to help the Funny Fokkers with their tour, Rupert The Tailor have put forward sponsorship to make sure they “Laugh Hard, Look Good!”


Chris Gilbert, the lucky suit wearer wanted something a little different to wear on stage. He wanted to look smart but stand out and we had the perfect thing. The Elton Single Breasted 2 Button Suit in Purple!


Take a look at the photos below, and see our suit in all its glory on stage.


raf shawbury 1 300x182 Rupert The Tailors Purple Suit Hits The Stage with the Funny Fokkers!

RAF Fokkers on Tour

raf shawb 2 300x200 Rupert The Tailors Purple Suit Hits The Stage with the Funny Fokkers!

RAF Fokkers on Tour


Not only has our suit been worn at the Funny Fokkers Comedy Tour of 2013, it has also made an appearance at a show at Wisbech…

wisbech 225x300 Rupert The Tailors Purple Suit Hits The Stage with the Funny Fokkers!

At the Wisbech Show


Been on stage with Paul Tonkinson who is currently supporting Michael McIntyre on tour!!

shawb tonks 300x181 Rupert The Tailors Purple Suit Hits The Stage with the Funny Fokkers!

Introducing Paul Tonkinson


And below is Chris introducing the National Springboard Awards at Novotel London West.

springboard awards 300x168 Rupert The Tailors Purple Suit Hits The Stage with the Funny Fokkers!

Introducing the National Springboard Awards

springboard 300x224 Rupert The Tailors Purple Suit Hits The Stage with the Funny Fokkers!

In purple at Springboard


Chris said the suit went down a treat, and has worn it to many occasions and events since! So keep your eye out for Rupert The Tailor suits on stage in the future!


For more photos of our suits, customer photos and information about Rupert The Tailor take a look at our Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Pinterest Board and other Blogs which are updated regularly.


If you have any questions, queries or want to send us photos of your Rupert The Tailor items to go into our Customer Album on Facebook you can contact the Rupert The Tailor team by email here, phone: 01335 361287, use our online chat or comment on our Facebook Wall.


We look forward to hearing from you!!


“Laugh Hard, Look Good!”




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Why do socks wear out so quickly?

November 13th, 2013 No comments

Do you remember the days when socks used to last for so much longer? And they were warmer in winter.

Well, it’s not because you have a Rose Tinted view of them, but because socks have indeed changed.

The old style warm, longer lasting socks were not only made in Britain, but they were also made using wool. Wool is a wonder fabric. It keeps you warm in winter, and cool in Summer. This is because as a natural product it holds air pockets to insulate, and wicks away sweat to keep you cool.


RupertTheTailor 178x60 Why do socks wear out so quickly?

So what’s changed?

Well, socks today are made using cotton. Cotton wicks away sweat, but does not insulate as well as wool and the cheaper the sock, the lower the quality of cotton. This means that the staple length is shorter which means that the cotton wears out quicker. Well, we all know how long a sheep’s coat is, and so how long a length of wool is so it is not surprising that a wool sock will last so much longer.

Fortunately it is still possible to find wool sock. You do pay more for them, but they last so much longer. We have developed a short sock and a knee length sock at Rupert The Tailor. The Rupert The Tailor Red Top Sock and the Rupert The Tailor Shortie Sock, these are made from wool nylon, in a huge range of sizes (After all, it’s no good having a sock that’s too big or too small, that’s just uncomfortable).

It’s not just a plain sock either, as we have added reinforcement in the heel and the toe and made the toe seam the best available.

IMG 5358 200x300 Why do socks wear out so quickly?

Rupert The Tailor Red Top Socks

A bit about the toe seam

For many years, a linked toe has been considered the best to have. It is almost invisible, and requires someone to literally pick up each loop in a sock toe on a needle. That’s usually 168 on every sock. As you can imagine, the chance of missing one is very high, and the cost of doing it, well, that’s high too.

So we use a lock stitch. It’s the more practical method and ensures greater strength. The disadvantage is that you can end up with a large seam right on the top of your toes. Our socks dont. We have improved the seam so that it is just as strong, but much flatter. The best of both worlds.

So treat yourselves or a loved one to a proper sock this Christmas. After all, it’s going to be a cold one!


Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions by phone on 01335 361287, by email here or by using the online chat on the website.


(These socks are also available on the Rupert The Tailor sister site SuitsMen)

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The Red Suit with a Twist

October 23rd, 2013 No comments


Making bespoke clothing means that we can make any item of clothing the way the customer wants it, allowing them to put their own personal stamp onto their outfit to make it truly theirs.


It doesn’t matter whether it’s a business suit with a personal monogram on the inside of the jacket or extra pockets. If they want a style of lapel or trouser that you can’t buy off the shelves, or whether it is an outfit they need for a particular occasion that you just cannot buy ready-made.


This is where we come in to help; Rupert The Tailor can make anything you want, in almost any colour, material and style.


You want something that’s not on the website, or you want to alter one of our own suits to fit your own style. That’s fine, all you need to do is let us know, just like our customer Mike did.


sophies red party pics 045 300x300 The Red Suit with a Twist

Harrison Nehru Suit in Ferrari Red with Shorts


Mike contacted us asking if we could make our Harrison Nehru Suit in Ferrari Red with Shorts instead of Trousers for a fantastic “End of Season Red Party” he was attending.


RED PARTY 2013 028 225x300 The Red Suit with a Twist

Harrison Nehru Suit in Ferrari Red with Shorts


sophies red party pics 037 300x225 The Red Suit with a Twist

Harrison Nehru Suit in Ferrari Red with Shorts


sophies red party pics 070 225x300 The Red Suit with a Twist

Harrison Nehru Suit in Ferrari Red with Shorts


If you have a special occasion you need an outfit for, want something a little different, or just want to personalise your own suit, then take a look on, and if you can’t find what you are looking for send us an email here, call us on 01335 361287 or talk to us on the online chat and we will do everything we can to make you your perfect outfit.


Don’t forget to take a look at our Facebook Page, Twitter Account and Pinterest Board where information, blogs and photos are updated regularly!

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The Great Gatsby and his Pink Suit

October 18th, 2013 No comments


“I want a suit like Robert Redford’s in ‘The Great Gatsby’.”


This was the request we received a little over a month ago from two friends, and the other day as promised the fantastic photos came through by email!


IMG 43541 225x300 The Great Gatsby and his Pink Suit

Stunning Pink Gatsby Suits
Photo sent from Customers


They chose our Pastel Pink Single Breasted Boston Suit, with matching Double Breasted Waistcoat. We went the extra mile by adding the classic white buttons to finish the look.


One chose a red lining, while the other went with pale blue with matching pocket squares. Both look gorgeous.


IMG 4374 300x225 The Great Gatsby and his Pink Suit

Stunning Pink Gatsby Suits
Photo sent from Customers


They have now worn the suits to various occasions, and have even been featured in the local paper.


mike 4 300x225 The Great Gatsby and his Pink Suit

Stunning Pink Gatsby Suits
Photo sent by Mike Dabell


If you want a stunning suit of your own, that will stand out from the crowd then take a look at our range on Rupert The Tailor.


We have over 100 colours for you to choose from and a variety of materials including Linen and 100% Wool.


If you can’t see a colour or style you want, don’t worry. Just let us know what you want and we will try and find something to match.


All of our items are made to order so anything is possible.


mike 3 300x300 The Great Gatsby and his Pink Suit

Stunning Pink Gatsby Suits
Photo sent by Mike Dabell


Don’t hesitate to contact us on 01335 361287 or email us here. You can even post on our Facebook Wall. This is updated regularly with information and photos along with our Twitter account and Pinterest Board, so keep an eye on those.


We hope for more customer blogs to be coming soon, so don’t miss out.

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Looking Magical doesn’t only have to be through tricks.

October 1st, 2013 No comments


What clothing do you think of when you hear the word Magician?


Glitter Waistcoats, White Rabbits and Top Hats?


The dress wear for Magicians is constantly changing and there are various styles around. Magicians have been seen in normal street clothes, especially street performers like David Blaine. A more formal look has been used in front of audiences, with a shirt and sometimes a tie with Derren Brown, and Harry Houdini could always been seen in a Suit including shirt and bow tie, even when he was tied upside down.


Outfits greatly depend on how the magician want their performance to come across to their audience. The more serious would stay away from the brighter colours, however those who wanted a bit more fun, with the old fashioned but still very entertaining rabbit in a hat, or handkerchief tricks and aimed to entertain young and old a like, may tend to go for the more colourful and fun factor.


DSC 9311 e1380638019501 199x300 Looking Magical doesnt only have to be through tricks.

Copperfield Tailcoat


Both are entertaining, bringing enjoyment, laughs and confusion (on how they managed to do the trick) to their audiences. But outfits are a major part of a magicians performance, and getting it right can help add to the illusions.


Buying clothing that keeps you looking formal but adds the air of fun or sophistication to the performance that is different to anything found on the high street is hard to do without spending a fortune.


This is where Rupert The Tailor can help you.


DSC 9314 e1380638021822 199x300 Looking Magical doesnt only have to be through tricks.

Copperfield Tailcoat


Colours and Clothes

Moving away from the glitter and street clothes, Rupert The Tailor has a fantastic Morning Coat available in over 100 different colours!


Look smart and colourful in a Purple Copperfield Tailcoat, try the Gentian Blue or go all out with the Ferrari Red.


DSC 9310 e1380637987405 199x300 Looking Magical doesnt only have to be through tricks.

Copperfield Tailcoat


Want something a little more traditional, we have the more neutral colours available too including the Navies, Blacks and Greys as well as pastels including Soft Yellow and Creams.


Don’t forget about the matching waistcoat!! Take a look at the Tissington Waistcoat here.


It’s not all about the Magicians

The assistants also need to look the part, and the time of glittery waistcoats has past. The glam look doesn’t need to consist of shiny and sequins.


If you want your assistant matching or in a slightly different shade, we can make sure you are kitted out and look your best.


We can even make you various outfits, if you want more than one colour no problem! Anything is possible.

DSC 9340 e1380638304494 205x300 Looking Magical doesnt only have to be through tricks.

Copperfield Tailcoat

DSC 9341 e1380638026714 199x300 Looking Magical doesnt only have to be through tricks.

Copperfield Tailcoat

DSC 9344 e1380638132760 199x300 Looking Magical doesnt only have to be through tricks.

Copperfield Tailcoat


Colourful Extras

You can choose your lining colour from our fantastic range, and go through our personalisations to make sure your Morning Coat is exactly how you want it, with the right colours, the right buttons and all the pockets you need at no extra cost.


We can even add a shirt to your order and Cravat, Tie and Handkerchief in any of our colours to make sure the colour theme runs all the way through your performance.


DSC 9212 200x300 Looking Magical doesnt only have to be through tricks.

Regal Red Cravat and Handkerchief with the James Morning Suit


Now for the info

Take a look on the website and have a look at the Morning Coats and Suits we have to offer, the Copperfield Tailcoat, George Morning Suit, Portland Nehru Suit, Tissington Waistcoat.


Our items take 3 weeks to make from ordering, so you will have your outfits in absolutely no time at all. The Delivery and Personalisations are FREE, and you can even get free swatches of the materials first to check they are the right colours for you.


You can call us on 01335 361287, talk to us using the online chat box or email us here for more information.


Photos and info are also regularly added to our Facebook Page, Twitter Account and Pinterest Board including our other blogs.


What are you waiting for? Make your performance Magical!


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Colourful Suits…are they out there?

September 13th, 2013 No comments


Finding exactly what you want out there on the ready to wear market is like looking for a needle in a haystack, unless you want black, navy or charcoal. There are plenty of those. They are not necessarily going to fit you well, or be the best quality but you are guaranteed to find one in every town and city centre.


So what if you wanted something a little different? What if you wanted that slightly lighter shade of blue or you wanted a bright red jacket? Yes if you search the internet you can probably find a blazer of some sort in a shop of some kind, but half the time they are maroon, or deep red, they are even showing up when all they have are red buttons. “Blue Suits” brings up every Navy suit available but not pure Blue.


Capture 200x300 Colourful Suits...are they out there?

Elton Suit in Persian Blue


So what do you do? Where do you go for a stunningly coloured, fantastically fitted suit?


You come to us,


What we have to offer…

We have a wide range of colours and materials to suit every occasion, event, theme and personal choice. Anything is possible! And if we don’t have it we will find it for you!


NehruSuit Bold Teal 200x300 Colourful Suits...are they out there?

Harrison Nehru Suit


Our colour range has over 100 different colours in a fantastic everyday material that feels like cotton. These are available in all styles of our suits, the classic single breasted, Tailcoats, Nehru and even in just the Blazer or Trousers if you didn’t want the whole thing.


Whether you wanted soft pastels, yellows, creams, pinks or you wanted to stand out from the crowd in Reds, Greens and Blues; we will have the colour you want. And yes we also have the traditional Blacks, Navies, Charcoals and Greys too! (We also have those in 100% Wool)


And when we say Ferrari Red – we mean Ferrari Red!


MorningSuit pastel Sage 200x300 Colourful Suits...are they out there?

Edward Morning Suit


Click on the Suit names below to find out more about them.

Striking Elton Suit


Mark at Langley Priory 129 200x300 Colourful Suits...are they out there?

Ferrari Red Elton Suit


Portland Nehru Suit


NehruSuit Pastel Lavender 200x300 Colourful Suits...are they out there?

Portland Nehru Suit


George Morning Suit


MorningSuit DuskeyPink 200x300 Colourful Suits...are they out there?

George Morning Suit


With many more available on the website, its worth just taking a peak –


What about linings?

We also have a variety of linings available so you can choose to match, to contrast or get something that compliments your colour choice.


We can also match colours you are already working with, for example on a suit for a wedding or Birthday, if the theme is purple we will try our best to match that purple! Whether it’s Lilac, Lavender, Plum or the Purple (Just like the Cadburys Purple) we have plenty to choose from.


Are there any extras available?

We offer free (YES FREE) personalisation’s with every suit; you can change buttons, lapels and pockets. You can put monograms on the inside and make it so the cuffs open. Nothing is impossible.


tx.aspx1  200x300 Colourful Suits...are they out there?

Jamie Moore opted for the Monogram


We also offer FREE swatches of all the materials so you can feel them and try them before you buy them! We want you to love and feel great in your suit!


suit bag3 200x300 Colourful Suits...are they out there?

Rupert The Tailor Suit Bag


Not forgetting the FREE wooden hanger and suit bag with every Suit or Jacket purchase!



You just need to go online, choose your suit and choose your colour – if you can’t see it just call us on 01335 361287 and tell us what you are after and we can sort out the colour for you from there.


Next choose your personalisation’s, and enter your measurements by following the clear measurement guide on the site.


Enter your payment and wait for your perfect suit to arrive.


Delivery is included and takes only 3-4 weeks from ordering, so barely any time to wait at all!!


Other Information

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our other blog posts which have offers, products, photos and much more information.


Our Facebook Page, Twitter Feed and Pinterest board are constantly updated, so watch those as well.


If you want any questions answering or want to speak to us straight away just call us on 01335 361287 or click on the live chat on the website (9am – 5pm Monday to Friday) or just send us an email here.

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Are Dinner Suit Styles down to Trend?

August 23rd, 2013 No comments

When asked to describe a Dinner Suit many people would instantly say black single breasted Jacket, with satin notch lapels, 1 button front (with covered buttons), plain or singled pleated trousers with straight legs and a stripe down the side. Matched with a white shirt and black bow tie, a cummerbund may even be worn, with black shoes.

Well they might not say it with such details, but along the same lines.

But are the above guidelines really that strict and need to be followed to the letter?

No, not really, all a dinner suit should really consist of is a black suit, with a white shirt. A bow tie adds to the formality. You can even wear a waistcoat if you wish.

The Jacket
Now the jacket must be black, but it doesn’t have to have 1 button on the front, if you prefer 2, find a 2 button suit. You also don’t have to have the satin lapels, but if you like the satin you can add it to the tops of your flap pockets too, or even have jetted if flaps are not your thing.


Mark at Yeldersley 021 200x300 Are Dinner Suit Styles down to Trend?

Craig Single Breasted Dinner Suit


You can even move away from the single breasted part and go for a classic Double Breasted Dinner Suit.


Mark at Langley Priory 034 200x300 Are Dinner Suit Styles down to Trend?

Churchill Double Breasted Dinner Suit


Again this must be black, but you can have plain or pleated and you can choose whether or not to have the stripe down the outside of your leg.


Mark at Yeldersley 041 200x300 Are Dinner Suit Styles down to Trend?

Craig Single Breasted Dinner Suit Trousers


Belt loops and brace buttons are acceptable even though waist adjusters are the most common extra.

A black bow tie is always appropriate with a dinner suit, match this with a wing collar shirt for a very smart finish. Or you can have a normal black tie with a formal white shirt for a similar but not as formal look.

Take a look at our very own Rupert The Tailor Craig Single Breasted Dinner Suit and our Churchill Double Breasted Dinner Suit, we also have a Asquith Shawl Collar Dinner Suit for those who prefer a smoother lapel.

For more information visit our site at where we have plenty more styles of suits to choose from. And if you can’t see the one you want just call us on 01335 361287 and we can make one to your specifications. You can also email us here.

Don’t forget to take a look at our Facebook page which is regularly updated with photos and information, our Twitter Account and our Pinterest Board.