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Burns Night…

January 20th, 2012 No comments

Brief History

Many may not have heard of Burns Night, that takes place around the 25th January, generally in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Burns Night is based around the Romantic Poet, Robert Burns.

It is a celebration of the life and work of Robbie Burns, who was the author of many Scot Poems.

The first Burns Night Supper was held in Ayrshire at the end of the 18th Century by Robert’s friends on the anniversary of his death. 21st July, they have been a regular occurrence since.

The first Burns Suppers was held on what was thought to be Robert’s Birthday, 29th January 1802. However in 1803 it was discovered in the Ayr Parish records that his birthday was actually on 25th and therefore Burns Night moved.

Even though they are most popular in Northern Ireland and Scotland, Burns Night Suppers can be held anywhere where there are Burns Clubs.

They may be formal, or informal. The informal suppers generally include haggis, Scotch Whisky and the recitation of Burns’ poetry.

The formal dinners are hosted by organisations, and occasionally end with dancing when ladies are present. However all formal dinners follow a general standard format….


Capture 272x300 Burns Night...


Order of the Supper


1) The host says a few welcoming words and the event is declared open.

2) After the guests are seated, grace is said. It is usually the Selkirk Grace. This is a well-known thanksgiving said before meals using the Scots language. ( A link to the Grace is below)

3) The supper is then started with the soup course.

4) When the Haggis is brought in everyone stands. It is always on a large dish and is brought in by the cook. Generally a piper plays bagpipes and leads the way to the host’s table.

5) The host (or guest with talent) then recites the Address to a Haggis. (A link to the poem is below)

6) At the end of the poem a scotch whiskey toast is made and everyone goes on the enjoy the meal which is generally served with neeps (mashed swede) and tatties (mashed potatoes).

7) After the desert, cheese and coffee/whisky courses more core speeches and toasts are made.

8 ) A host gives a short speech, remembering some of Burns poetry or aspects of his life.

9) There is a Toast to the Lassies – thanking the women who prepared the meal.

10) Then the Toast to the Laddies – a reply to the Lassies toast.

11) After the speeches the work of Burns may be sung, and poems read out. This goes on for as long as the guests wish.

12) At the end of the evening (to which the host calls halt) everyone stands, joins hands and sings Auld Lang Syne.


Selkirk Grace 

Address to a Haggis

What to wear to this event…

Many would opt for the traditional Scottish Dress, which is the equivalent of the formal black tie.
Here at Suitsmen we offer a tradition Scottish Formal Outfit, as well as some well needed essentials, such as kilt socks.


We have got to have you looking your best.


To see our Scottish outfits or to learn more about the Scottish Formal/Highland Dress, please click on the link below.

Suitsmen, Scottish Highland/Formal Dress.


For more information don’t forget to visit our Facebook page, call on 01335 361287 or email


                                                HAVE A GREAT BURNS NIGHT!!!

New Shirts From Skopes for Winter 2011!!

October 11th, 2011 No comments

Skopes have added to their range on Suitsmen allowing for more choice, colour and design to add to your collections throughout winter.


The Party Shirt

Skopes have introduced the Party Shirt to their collection. Avaliable in two pinstripe colours of blue stripe and berry stripe, and three plain colours of black, plum chambray and brown chambray, this shirt adds a bit of colour and character.

Long sleeved, and single cuffed it is not a formal shirt but is smart enough to wear to any occasion. Fantastic for family and social events.

SS2480 2 200x300 New Shirts From Skopes for Winter 2011!!

The Country Shirt

The Country Shirt is casual shirt, still smart enough to wear too many occasions. Long sleeved and single cuffed it is ideal for day to day wear, especially with the sort after breast pocket. It is available in plum Herringbone Check and brown Herringbone Check.


SS2479 200x300 New Shirts From Skopes for Winter 2011!!

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Want to know how to stay warm and still look smart?? Read on…

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Looking smart usually comes at a price (and it’s not always to do with your wallet.)

As the colder weather draws in, the want for layers increases. But just chucking another t-shirt on under your shirt is never really an option. It ruffles up under your shirt, or it doesn’t look or feel right.

So here is your help for finding those extra layers and different items of clothing to help you stay warm whilst keeping your sharp, sophisticated look.

Now it all begins with what’s underneath.

Suitsmen have a range of underwear, which also includes the Wolsey Classic Therrmal Underwear. Available in the natural colour, they have mock interlocked fabric and are brushed inside to trap air and retain heat.

To match the Classic Long Johns, we also have the t-shirts and vests.

Matching the Long Johns, the Wolsey Short Sleeved Thermal T-shirt has the traditional mock interlock fabric with the brushed inside to trap air and retain heat, keeping both your upper and lower body warm.

Suitsmen now also sell the same thermal t-shirt with the Morley label. Not only is this exactly the same item of clothing, but it is also the new rebranded name of Wolsey.

Now if short sleeves are not for you, and you want long sleeves under your shirt, Suitsmen also sell the Wolsey Long Sleeved Thermal Vest. This, again has the same features and fabric as the short sleeve versions, it just has a bit for cover for your arms.

Having all the thermals on will not stop the cold if your suit lets out the heat easily. We sell a range of heavy weighted suits, perfect for the colder climates and seasons.

The smart outer layers.

Our heaviest being around the 510g mark, this is ideal for the colder months.

Examples consist of the Torre Men’s Lounge Herringbone Suit.
This single breasted, two buttoned suit combines a classic and timeless feel, whilst keeping in the priceless heat.
It also comes with Teflon protected material, helping to keep your suit looking its best for longer.

We also have the Men’s Herringbone Morning Suit from Torre. This again is one of the 510g suits, not only ensuring warmth but comfort and sophistication with the one button jacket being made from 100% Wool.

It is also available in three colours, Navy Herringbone, Black Herringbone and Grey Herringbone. However, the grey only comes in a 420g weight.

The next weight down from 510g is 450g, with the Brook Taverner Morning Suit.
Made from 100% Pure New Wool, this one buttoned, double breasted tailcoat originates from the 19th Century.


herrinbone tailcoat 200x300 Want to know how to stay warm and still look smart?? Read on...                   Lounge Herringbone jacket 199x300 Want to know how to stay warm and still look smart?? Read on...                     5701A MORNING TAILCOAT 200x300 Want to know how to stay warm and still look smart?? Read on...


Warmth can be found in any suit, whether you are opting for one of the heavier weight jackets to keep out the cold chill, or are more of a thermals fan. You can find a suit to suit your need, with the accessories to go along with it, keeping you warm AND smart!

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