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What do you think of our new Male Model…

April 27th, 2012 No comments

Our April photo-shoot took place in the beautiful grounds of Tissington Hall. We managed to creep outside between the April Showers to take some photos amidst the glorious grounds.

And even with the rain dripping off the leaves the shoot was a success.


When the rain came, we moved indoors and found some fantastic and beautiful locations to take our photos.

All helped by our new arrival, Will.


This was his first photo-shoot, not only with us but the first he had ever done. And we think he did fantastically.

He modelled the suits brilliantly, and didn’t look out of place in front of the camera. Working easily with our Female model Bryony this photo-shoot has brought some of our best photos yet.

And because they are our best yet, SuitsMen are letting you have a little sneak peak at some…

Take a look below…


Will  Bryony 003 2 199x300 What do you think of our new Male Model…

Will  Bryony 007 199x300 What do you think of our new Male Model…

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Have we got a deal for you!?

April 13th, 2012 No comments


Here at SuitsMen we know it’s the time of year when the formal occasions start to show their heads.

When it’s time to find a dinner suit, the right accessories and everything you could possibly need.


However as we all know, suits can be expensive. Especially for the students when it comes to buying for their May University Balls, however it doesn’t have to be a cheap suit to be affordable.


Here at SuitsMen, we have put together the ideal package for any student. Mixing a fantastic suit and shirt with all the accessories you could need.


And all for an affordable price, now you could say, “But it would be cheaper to rent!”

However, you are not at university for just one year. You will not be attending just one formal occasion. And you cannot say that the university occasions will be the only ones you attend in your life.


So for example, renting a suit, bow tie, cummerbund, handkerchief and waistcoat could cost around £70. You then have the delivery £20, and the damages which is a non-avoidable payment, £7.50.

To rent a suit every year of university for three years would cost you £307.50, for four years it would cost you. £410.00


Doesn’t look so affordable now….does it?


Also you’re getting a cummerbund and waistcoat, when you would only choose to wear one of the items at the occasion. Paying for an item you don’t need?


SuitsMen have taken all this into account and have come up with the perfect…


Student Dinner Suit Package


We offer you the Skopes Fashion Dinner suit for £128, a great price for this fantastic suit.


Kyle Gina 223 200x300                                       Have we got a deal for you!?












We have even put in a Formal Wing Collar Shirt (worth £24) for FREE, (all you have to do is click on the ‘claim special offer’ link that appears in the basket on SuitsMen after adding your suit.)


And as for the accessories, well we have put together the package.


IMG 8684 200x300                                       Have we got a deal for you!?










£67 worth of fantastic, classic and essential accessories together for just £36.


                                                                        Nearly 50% OFF.


This fantastic package gets you a whole dinner suit plus accessories to last you through University and into later life, for a total of £164.


Not including our FREE standard delivery. And our FREE returns and exchanges if you feel you have ordered the wrong size, or colour.


Want some more information, visit our website,, call us on 01335 361287, email or have a look at our Facebook page.