the next part….  2 men to cycle until they drop.

On Thursday the 19th of May two Ashbourne businessmen, Jason Kennedy and Rupert Bowling, will set out from Kirkby Stephen on the long ride home to Ashbourne.

They will be cycling over 180 miles  for 4 days, doing nearly 24,000 Feet of climbing, most of it off-road, in order to raise money for the newborn intensive care unit. (N.I.C.U.)  in Nottingham who saved Jason’s and Bec’s son Sebastian’s life in November last year.

What an amazing job they did at the NICU. 

For the detail of what happened, please go to the Just Giving page, and make a small donation while you are there:

Money raised goes directly to the Nottingham University Hospitals Charity, who then pass it on to the NICU. 

But Back to the cycle. The gruelling event will take them down the Pennine Bridleway. The traditional route starts in the south, and ends in Kirkby Stephen, but having all their family and friends nearer Ashbourne, the boys decided they would get a better welcome ending near home. The route’s start is Middleton Top, so that is where they plan to finish. 

They Will  finish on Sunday at the Rising Sun, at Middleton Top in the mid to late afternoon, (if you track them you will know when!) where any supporters and friends are very welcome to meet them for a pint to celebrate and pick up the pieces!

They will be tracked on the web and anyone can see them at and see how they are progressing on each of the 4 days of cycling, the idea being that anybody who fancies can join them for any parts of it. Toby Seb’s 5 year old big brother will be joining them for the last mile to the pub.

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