Suit trends for 2023

As working from home becomes nothing but a distant memory for many and the winter draws in it is definitely time to start thinking about the suit wardrobe. Whether your cold weather suits need replacing or you’re planning ahead for spring and summer this article has you covered, looking at what’s on trend in the men’s suit world for the coming year.

The grass is greener, why not suits?

Country attire is definitely on trend and looks set to continue. Perhaps the relocation of many to rural areas during the pandemic has added some fuel to what is a trend with great momentum. With this in mind, tweed has begun to really take off and especially green, windowpane tweed suits, complete with waistcoat and velvet trims. Such a suit should certainly be well fitted and works superbly with a quality white shirt and burgundy red tie. A wool blend tweed suit has the added advantage of being quite toasty for the colder months ahead.

Don’t ignore the slim fit suit

While slim fit suits are certainly not in fashion, they are widely considered to be one of the most flattering fits for an average body shape. With this in mind it is definitely worth considering a nice slim fit suit in a mid-grey, for instance, as a strong option to break out for important meetings or events. As a day-to-day option it can be a bit much, but for special events a slim fitting suit really can work magic.

The two button standard

For everyday work situations you cannot be without a two button standard suit. It is also extremely versatile and can be dressed up, or down, so if you’re only opting for one style, this should be your go-to option. You might want two distinct colours and fabrics and in terms of colour your best bets are navy blue and charcoal. Mid-weight fabric will be the most versatile, but you could opt for one heavier weight for winter and a lighter weight option for warmer months.

Spice it up with a pattern

Not everyone is content with the standard navy/charcoal options and there should always be room for a bit of flair in any wardrobe. 2023 is likely to see the Prince of Wales check proving popular for regal reasons, although it was already gathering momentum before the coronation of the hitherto Prince of Wales! Houndstooth is another pattern that is seeing a renaissance, although to be honest, with such classic patterns you can rarely go wrong.

Don’t forget about linen

With the “beast from the east mark 2” in full swing, the idea of going out in linen is painful to countenance but when the spring and summer months come you’ll be so glad you planned ahead if you choose to boost your wardrobe in this direction. One of the beauties of linen suits is that they allow you to be a bit more flamboyant in your choice of colour, with light blues and even salmon pinks proving popular.

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