Building Your Masonic Wardrobe: Essential Pieces for Every Mason’s Closet

What is the Masonic Dress Code

The Masonic dress code, also known as Masonic regalia, refers to the specific attire worn by members of the Freemasonry fraternity during their lodge meetings, ceremonies, and other formal events. The dress code may vary slightly depending on the specific Masonic jurisdiction or lodge, but there are some general guidelines that are commonly followed.

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Men’s Suits: Autumn & Winter Trends for 2021

There is no denying it’s been a strange couple of years to say the very least and this has had a substantial impact on fashion trends. Think about the number of people who have  worked from home and are only just returning to the office. Having become accustomed to wearing very casual attire in the home working environment and on occasion smartening up that top half for a Zoom or Teams meeting, the transition back to formal-wear will be a tricky one for many – requiring thought and a fair bit of shopping!

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Business Suits set to make a Return in 2021

As the Prime Minister announces the so-called roadmap for reopening the UK and with the vaccine rollout continuing apace there is cause for some optimism that life could slowly start to return to some kind of normality in the second half of 2021. Many of us used to working in offices and going to actual real life meetings have become accustomed to working from home and carrying out our meetings online.

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