Business Suits set to make a Return in 2021

As the Prime Minister announces the so-called roadmap for reopening the UK and with the vaccine rollout continuing apace there is cause for some optimism that life could slowly start to return to some kind of normality in the second half of 2021. Many of us used to working in offices and going to actual real life meetings have become accustomed to working from home and carrying out our meetings online.

It is no exaggeration to say that this has completely transformed what we have worn for work. Gone are the suits to be replaced by far more casual wear, with a sprinkling of formality for those more important Zoom calls. Some have made the prediction that this year of on-off (but mostly on) lockdowns have changed the way we will approach dressing for work forever and they may be right. For instance, it wouldn’t be unthinkable to imagine a world in which the tie is no longer a mandatory accoutrement for men’s business suits, but this article will argue that men will fully embrace the suit once more as it is empowering, it makes you feel ready for the day and instils no small measure of confidence.

The argument for dressing to work changing tends to be made on the basis that we have become more relaxed and are focusing more on the practical rather than the aesthetic, but as well as being aesthetically pleasing, a men’s business suit is actually inherently practical – a fact that seems to have escaped some. The jacket can be easily removed and put back on without awkward manoeuvres (as with jumpers) allowing for changing temperatures as is the case moving between rooms that are air conditioned, or not, or outside. All this, as well as looking the business.

When the suit does come back, and we predict that it will be welcomed with open arms, there are sure to be some bold new additions to the colour palette as we men have gradually become less colour shy when it comes to our mens suits. We may also see more men introducing some casual touches to their suits, such as forgoing the tie (as previously mentioned) or even donning a pair of stylish trainers instead of the trusty formal shoes. We may see a few more casual days than just the ‘casual Friday’ and on top of this we might witness a shift in men’s business suits trend towards looser styles, freer tailoring and lighter fabrics as we have become accustomed to comfort over perceived notions of style and fashion.

One thing is certain now is as good a time as ever to rethink your work wardrobe. You have the time and a good clear out can be very cathartic. You might not have long to wait to donate those unwanted items to your local charity shop, with non-essential shops due to reopen soon and you can give yourself a treat of a new look for the office for when you return.

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