Men’s Suit Ideas for Summer 2022

Boston Double Breasted Suit in Pale Blue

With more of us back in the office as each month passes thoughts are turning to freshening up the summer suit section of the wardrobe as for many it will have been a while since the need has arisen to wear a suit and your suits may no longer fit or you may just fancy a change.

There are always some interesting new trends in summer suits for men and this article will look at some of them as well as shopping for suits on a budget, ideas for men’s wedding suits and large men’s suits.

When it comes to summer suits, fabric is incredibly important. We usually think of wool as a winter fabric and this is true of thick wool suits, but the more breathable wool suits are actually very good for keeping cool. The of course there’s linen. A real summer favourite. Pure linen can be somewhat impractical but there is a perfect compromise.

Working from home, many of us grew quite accustomed to the convenience of not having to iron shirts or dry clean suits and so why not look to kill two birds with one stone by opting for a crease resistant linen blend suit for one of your summer staples? Being a linen blend you’ll gain from a fresh, cooler suit and the crease resistant properties will make it a lower maintenance prospect compared to its pure linen counterparts. The classic natural linen / sand colour is really on trend for summer 2022, so this is quite an easy piece to source. If you want the quality and temperature regulating properties of both linen and wool then there are suits with a blend of this fabric that are perfect for the summer months. This kind of blend looks superb in light blue, which is ideal as light blue is definitely in keeping with trends this year.

In terms of a fit, for summer, especially if you are opting for a less structured suit that maybe isn’t lined or has a more minimal lining it is even more important that your suit is well fitted. Opting for proper tailoring on a men’s summer suit is definitely something to consider to avoid a sloppier look.

Another fabric that is worthy of consideration is seersucker. Better at avoiding wrinkles than pure linen and just as breezy, a bit of digging and you’ll find that there are some extremely smart seersucker options that keep you cool and are also quick to dry in case you get caught in an increasingly frequent summer downpour.

If you are hoping to introduce a less traditional colour to your suit wardrobe then why not take advantage of the green revolution by opting for an olive green? Olive green is subtle enough not to shock, but daring enough to stand out from the crowd. You will have an excuse to polish your favourite pair of brown Oxfords as well as mid-brown and olive green are a match made in heaven.

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