Best Men’s Summer Suits for 2021

How we will all go about our working lives post-pandemic is still rather up in the air, with some employees favouring a continuation of working from home and the majority of firms favouring more time spent in the office.

What looks certain is that many of us will be spending at least some more time in the office than during the pandemic. With this in mind and the full re-opening of the country on the horizon it is well worth investing in some new suits for the summer. Every year there are some tweaks to the prevailing trends and different patterns and designs are favoured, but on the other hand there are more universal truths that can be applied year on year to ensure you choose the right suit not only for the season and the occasion, but also for you.

Go for Linen: Brook Taverner Summer Suit

When you think of men’s summer suits one of the first fabrics that might spring to mind is linen. This linen blend natural colour summer suit is perfect for smart casual wear and with the way the trend in men’s business suits is going it could also function as a business suit, depending on your place of work and also your level of confidence. It is, however, a suit that exudes a high level of self-assurance and will certainly help you to stay cool in the warmer months.

Pattern mixing: For the bold choice

Pattern mixing in men’s suits is all about ensuring that the patterns in your outfit are mixed in a way that avoids a clash. It can be a little confusing, but keeping things in order helps. Firstly, separate patterns into four distinct categories.

1. Stripes

2. Checks

3. Prints

4. Dots

For your suit choice this summer, if you want to mix different patterns you want to contrast. So use elements of your outfit in these different categories, without overdoing it. For instance you could go for 1 + 2 (Stripes + Checks), 1+4, or 2 +3. As long as you diversify and keep things separated you can have some fun putting together a summer suit ensemble that will inject some vibrancy into your wardrobe. It is very freeing.

Lightweight wool blend

The best alternative to linen for a summer suit is undoubtedly a lightweight wool mix. The Gurteen summer suit is a great choice in this category, especially as it comes in a light-reflecting beige colour that will also help repel the heat. When thinking about the practicalities of men’s summer suits for business or otherwise you should be thinking first of fabric and secondly colour and shade. The latter should be light wherever possible and when the occasion calls for a darker outfit you should certainly stick with the lightweight fabrics.

At the time of writing the middle-end of June is already promising to be a bit of a scorcher, so there is no time like the present when it comes to making sure you are ready  with your summer suit wardrobe.

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