Men’s Suits: Autumn & Winter Trends for 2021

There is no denying it’s been a strange couple of years to say the very least and this has had a substantial impact on fashion trends. Think about the number of people who have  worked from home and are only just returning to the office. Having become accustomed to wearing very casual attire in the home working environment and on occasion smartening up that top half for a Zoom or Teams meeting, the transition back to formal-wear will be a tricky one for many – requiring thought and a fair bit of shopping!

One trend that relates to being accustomed to a more casual way of dressing is that the polo shirt has started to be seen paired with suits. This may take a while to catch on, or it may fall by the wayside, but a smart, designer polo shirt could be a really simple, straightforward way to help you to feel more comfortable when dressed for a return to the office.

The fit is everything

One of the most important considerations when it comes to men’s suits and how they evolve over time comes in the form of their fit.  In the early 2010s it was vital that a suit should be slim fitting. Fast forward 10 years and slim is still most definitely part of the picture, but we now also have skinny fit suits as a new generation of loosely fitting suits that owe their provenance to the catwalks.

The skinny suit

Probably one best left to the younger among us, unless you are incredibly lucky and disciplined with your body as the skinny suit is an unforgiving look. If you are a skinny jeans wearer, you could probably get away with the skinny suit.  Trousers wise, they should be on the short side, banging around the ankle and the shoulders should be flush with your own. Think darker colours like navy blue for this option.

The slim suit

Perhaps they are not particularly current in terms of trend, but slim-fitting suits are still a great option. They are flattering as they make your body appear longer and have a classic feel to them. Having been around and the staple, go-to choice for over a decade they are a solid choice. In terms of colour choices that are more on point, again navy is a solid option, as is dark grey .

The revitalised baggy / relaxed suit

What you are looking for here is that perfect sweet spot between not baggy enough and too baggy. The last thing you want is either a half-measure or a look that conjures images of having rooted through the fancy dress. Trousers and sleeves are vital here and you need the sleeves to sit at the wrist, while the trousers should benefit from a minor break on the shoes. You need to avoid everything being too long.

Of course there is still plenty of room for a more conservative, standard fitting suit. With such a suit you should keep everything classic, right down to the shined black leather shoes – this is a look that screams confidence when it is pulled off successfully.

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