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Now for the Medals!

August 1st, 2012 No comments

The games are well and truly under way and Britain are going strong. With a Silver in the Cycling, a Bronze in the Swimming and a Bronze with the Gymnasts already under our belts, we can only keep wishing our athletes on.


Now for the lucky few who have managed to get tickets SuitsMen are offering advice on how to perfect your day watching your selected sports.


We have helped with the indoor, and we have helped those in the grandstands.


But what about those of you who are standing outside by the railings, cheering on the cyclists, at the ropes shouting for our eventing team, or on the banks wishing our rowers to past the finish line.


Well below SuitsMen have created a couple of outfits to keep you stylish, but warm and smart. Let us think about your clothing so you can focus on enjoying your day!


Let’s start with a shirt
The Double Two Paradigm shirt is a smart and stylish shirt. With a standard collar and it’s fantastic quality it’s a must have.

CS6801 A 200x300 Now for the Medals!


Now for the outdoor events you need comfy and warm trousers, and below are two pairs we know fit this need.


The Gurteen Supersoft Chino are perfect for outdoors. Available in 3 of colours you will find the perfect pair for you.

Mobile3202 011 200x300 Now for the Medals!


Or why not try the Brook Taverner Cotton Twill Jeans; these straight cut trousers are soft and washable. Lightweight, similar to moleskins making them a ‘Must Have’!!

Taunton darknavy1 200x300 Now for the Medals!


Now for the right coat!
A thick warm coat is a definite must, when watching those outdoor events.


John Partridge offer a thick and smart Wordsworth Coat. With a cotton lining and Wax cotton outer it is perfect. Especially with its wool collar for extra warmth.

Wordsworth Front1 232x300 Now for the Medals!


If you like longer coats try the Brook Taverner Derwent Trench Coat. Superb value with a removable inner lining, this will keep you warm and dry.

derwent trench coat 11 199x300 Now for the Medals!


Time to enjoy the games
Whatever sport you are supporting, SuitsMen have put together an outfit suited to your needs, whether it is to keep you warm, or to make you look especially smart.


If you have any other questions or queries please call us on 01335 361287 or contact us here.

Don’t Forget our FREE delivery (2-4 working days) and our FREE returns if you want to exchange or have a refund!


Don’t forget to check out our Facebook site for more blogs and discussions on products. Or why not check out our Twitter page. Life from a Suits point of view!!


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The Royal International

July 12th, 2012 No comments

The Royal International Horse Show or the RIHS is one of the most prestigious Horse Shows in the world.

Held over 5 days (17th – 22nd July 2012) and with competitions putting some of the best riders in the country together, it is certainly worth watching.

Capture1 300x187 The Royal International

Whether you are there supporting a friend or idol, or if you are there for a day out with friends to enjoy the atmosphere, shops and exciting competitions nothing could perfect more than the outfit you wear.

Now some will think that the equestrian world revolves around Tweed and Wellingtons.

This isn’t entirely true.

You will certainly see tweed.

But if you are unsure of what to wear and need a bit of help, SuitsMen have put together some items that can make you look great, keep you warm and dry whilst looking stylish.


Now tweeds don’t have to be shooting coats and flat caps. Why not try the couple below from the Brook Taverner collection.

The Ayr Scottish Tweed Jacket is made from Pure Saxony Wool with a classic fit it is a gorgeous single breasted jacket. Matched with dark, smart trousers you can’t go wrong.

Ayr 199x300 The Royal International

The Porthleven Jacket is 100% Pure New Wool and available in the subtle Gold Check or Olive Check. Perfect or this event.

Porthleven a 200x300 The Royal International

If you prefer to stay away from the traditional tweed colours try the Coverack Jacket. Again 100% Pure New Wool with a tailored fit, it is perfect, especially when it comes in Grey Herringbone and Olive Herringbone

Coverack main 200x300 The Royal International


A Pair of smart, dark and stylish trousers would match any of the jackets above and we have plenty on the site. Check them out here.

However here at SuitsMen we suggest the Brook Taverner Cotton Twill Jeans, available in four colours and made from 100% Super Soft Cotton.

Taunton darknavy 200x300 The Royal International

Or why not try the Gurteen Hadleigh Corduroy trousers, 100% Cotton and made of a classic wale cord.

Mark Amy Mayfield Hall 146  200x300 The Royal International

Now at the RIHS it either shines with sun or pours down with rain. And we want you to be prepared. So we have put a couple of the John Partridge collection coats below.

The Brooke coat is a military inspired lightweight coat, great for the sunny days where you need a slight cover up.

Brooke 2134 208x300 The Royal International

For the heavier rain try the Wordsworth Wax coat. 100% Cotton lining and wax cotton outer this will keep you warm, dry and looking good despite the weather.

Wordsworth Front 232x300 The Royal International

For the Torrential Downpours

Try one of the trench coats we have to offer, keeping you dry all the way past your knees.

The Derwent Trenchcoat by Brook Taverner is a superbly valued Trench Coat. Knee Length, with a warm wool/mix removable lining it is perfect for having to hand.

derwent trench coat 1 199x300 The Royal International

Don’t forget we have all the other essentials you made need including shirts, socks and underwear. We have you covered.

Check out our Facebook page where there is more information on our products and blog posts. Also our Twitter account is manned by Paul the Pauper suit, take a look at his suits point of view on daily life.

If you have any queries or questions don’t hesitate to contact us here. Or call us on 01335 361287, we would love to hear from you!

John Partridge for the Men

May 14th, 2012 No comments

We recently posted a blog about the new women’s collection we have from John Partridge, so here at SuitsMen we thought we would keep the men up to date too.

The Ted quilt coat is a gorgeous short slim fit coat. 100% Polyamide makes it light and great for the evening or day wear. It also has a fantastic contrast colour lining and zip. This coat is perfect for casual wearing with jeans, available in, Safari, Navy Blue, Black and Emerald Green.

Ted front cream 216x300 John Partridge for the Men

The Wordsworth wax coat is 100% Machine Washable, making it the best wax coat you will ever own. It has 100% Cotton lining and a wool collar for comfort. It semi fitted shape and array of pockets mean it is fantastic for everyday wear. It is available in Olive and Brown.

Wordsworth Front 232x300 John Partridge for the Men


The Leland jacket is a great short active fit coat. Simple and light, it is perfect for evenings out, or for casual to smart occasions. It is 100% waterproof and a gorgeous style, you can’t dislike this coat! It is available in Stone, Midnight Blue, Washed Red and Washed Turquoise.

Leland Front 218x300 John Partridge for the Men


If none of the above are to your liking, then don’t hesitate to have a look at the other John Partridge we have for sale.

Not forgetting the addition of our Autumn/Winter range towards the end of the season.


For more information, email, call 01335 361287. Visit out Facebook page for info and advice or take a look at our other blogs!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, take a look at our new John Partridge Coats!!

May 3rd, 2012 No comments


SuitsMen have introduced John Partridge onto both the website and its sister site


For the Ladies…


We have a range of coats in stock, from quilted, to wax, from fashion to warmth.


For those who love quilt…


The Sitwell Jacket is a gorgeous quilted jacket, with a press stud front and flap pockets it is stylish as well as warm. It is also available in a variety of colours including, Black, Navy, Cerise, Mint and Taupe.


Sitwell front AB 222x300 Ladies and Gentlemen, take a look at our new John Partridge Coats!!


The Dove Quilted Jacket is a shorter style jacket, with a faux fur lining to its hood. A zip up front and zip pockets make this coat sleek and attractive. It also has added extras, like a pocket on the sleeve and breast giving it a military feel. Great for a day or night out, it is available in Olive, Black or White


Dove Quilt Front 239x300 Ladies and Gentlemen, take a look at our new John Partridge Coats!!      Storni Jacket front 2 AB 240x300 Ladies and Gentlemen, take a look at our new John Partridge Coats!!


The more traditional quilted coat is the Storni Jacket, with a press stud and zip front, a high collar to keep out the wind and a wraparound tie belt, it is a simple yet stunning jacket. Available in Navy, Cerise and Taupe.


Those who want wax…


The Bell Wax jacket is a tradition wax jacket. A press stuff and zip front, 2 flap pockets and high collar. It is stylish and warm. Fitted with a gorgeous coloured lining, it makes it stand out from the normal plain wax jackets available. Available in Royal Blue, Deep Red and Olive.


Bell 2179 2 200x300 Ladies and Gentlemen, take a look at our new John Partridge Coats!!


The Dove Jacket is made from a machine washable wax. With a faux fur collar for extra comfort, this is a coat to keep you warm on walks or nights out. With a zip front and pockets, with military style sleeve pockets it is similar to its quilted style. Available in Olive and Black.


Dove Wax Front 200x300 Ladies and Gentlemen, take a look at our new John Partridge Coats!!      Eva 2160 200x300 Ladies and Gentlemen, take a look at our new John Partridge Coats!!

The Eva Jacket is a gorgeous fitted wax jacket. With a zip front, flap pockets and a press stud flap up over the collar for warmth. Available in toffee and black this is a great coat to wear out on special occasions.


For the stylish!


The Long Nell Coat is a gorgeous trench coat style. With a button front, large collar and matching belt it is perfect for those walks for special occasions. The perfect female trench coat!


Duffy Front 2 239x300 Ladies and Gentlemen, take a look at our new John Partridge Coats!!              Nell Front 200x300 Ladies and Gentlemen, take a look at our new John Partridge Coats!!


The Duffy Wax is a shorter style jacket with a press stud front and fitted shape it is great for days out. It is also lightweight meaning it is brilliant for warmer days. Its worn wax effect gives it an antique look that makes it stand out from the rest.


If none of these styles catch your eye then take a look at the rest of our John Partridge range.


For more information email, or call 01335 361287.

Our Facebookpage is updated regularly with photos and information and why not follow us on twitter as well.

And don’t forget there is lots more products and information on our other blog posts, so check them out!

Mayfield Hall Photoshoot

March 1st, 2012 No comments

A big thank you to Mike for letting us use Mayfield Hall near Ashbourne for our latest photoshoot.  Mike has the most stunning Bed rooms available.

Mark Amy Mayfield Hall 030  200x300 Mayfield Hall Photoshoot

British Made Trench coat

Very comfortable, and a glorious specification. The Lord of Mayfield (Mike) offer Bed and Breakfast, have a look at his website for details

Some of the pictures should show the true elegance of the Hall, but there is nothing like a visit to fully appreciate some of the finer features. Inside the Hall, the panelled bedroom has a fireplace that is dated 1608 and beneath the Hall are cellars and passages reputedly dating from 1157.

This Time Debbie was involved, and her ability to put colours and styles together, has I think revolutionised what we can offer.  Theresa will shortly be writing about some of the matching outfits we put together this time, and our next Shoot in April, we will be putting together more outfits for you, so you can be sure that items you select from our site will match nicely.


New Coats From Skopes for Winter 2011!!

October 10th, 2011 No comments

Skopes have added to their range on Suitsmen allowing for more choice, colour and design to add to your collections throughout winter.


The Cromwell 3/4 Overcoat is a wool mix to keep you warm throughout winter. The ¾ length adds just that bit more coverage to help keep the cold out. With its three button fastening this coat will have you looking smart and sophisticated.

The Grant Overcoat is exceptional quality for exceptional value. With a notched lapel, and a four button front this coat is perfect for putting over a suit, adding to its look with the smart and eye-catching lining.

The Lester Overcoat is another quality coat with a touch of cashmere. It has a double breasted front, a 3 button fastening and 2 flap pockets, making it perfect for winter.

If you have a more modern side the St. Denis Military Overcoat is just what you need. Again with a touch of cashmere for quality, it has a fly front, four front pockets and epaulettes to add to that military look and feel.

LESTER BLACK 200x300 New Coats From Skopes for Winter 2011!!GRANT2 200x300 New Coats From Skopes for Winter 2011!!CROMWELL CHARCOAL 200x300 New Coats From Skopes for Winter 2011!!


For the more outdoorsy…

The Tindall Quilted Outdoor Coat is brilliant for country living. With press studs and a zip fastening it keeps out the weather. It also has two slanted open side pockets and is available in Navy and Olive.

TINDALL NAVY 200x300 New Coats From Skopes for Winter 2011!!


Rain Before Snow

September 23rd, 2011 No comments

It’s that time of year when it’s not cold enough to put on your thicker ‘snow coats’ but it’s not warm enough to wear just a jumper or fleece.

So your RAINCOAT shows its face, however after the harsh start to winter last year you may need a revamp, a newer, better, longer lasting raincoat…

And on Suitsmen, we have a large range of raincoats, with a style and colour to suit everyone.

For the shorter Jacket styled raincoat…

Skopes have the Worth Jacket, with 4 external flap pockets with button fastenings, 2 side hand warmer pockets, 2 internal pockets, a mandarin style collar and a zip front fastening. This Light Weight Raincoat is perfect for keep the wind and showers out, and is available in camel and khaki.

Wellington also offer their style of raincoat with the Amalfi Casual Jacket, this jacket is ideal for day to day wear and is perfect for weekends!

It comes with a four buttons and zip fastening front, a double collar and 2 flat slanted external pockets. It is also water repellent and machine washable, making it the ideal easy-care raincoat. It is available in the brighter colours of Airforce Blue and Ochre.

For those of you who prefer the longer style…

Brook Taverner provides the Waterproof Casual Raincoat. This four button raincoat has a zip out fleece liner for extra warmth in the depths of winter, or for a lighter wear jacket in autumn. It is also shower proof, water-repellent and machine washable!

It has a leather trimmed collar for a sophisticated look, two angled side pockets (one with a security zip) and also four internal pockets. Available in black this Casual Raincoat will keep you looking smart, warm and dry.

Grenfell also have their handmade Walker Cotton Coat. This is a half-length 100% Italian cotton of premium quality. It fastens with a zip, has a smart fold over collar, it also has a large brass zip which houses a hood opening under the collar.

This coat is ideally lightweight for summer with no inner lining for coolness, but it is also an ext

ra layer for winter, available in stone and sage.

Now for the country coats…

Hucklecoat provides the Glenshee country coat. Their no compromise view on quality ensures that this coat is hard to beat.

With a full waterproof breathable membrane, a warm lightweight lining, heavy duty 2 way zip, hand warmer pockets and a loden collar this coat will keep you warm, dry and in-keeping with the country wear. This coat is available in Cactus overcheck.

Hucklecoat also have

the Redford Coat similar to the Glenshee coat. It is a classic gentleman’s country coat, designed to keep you warm and dry. A substantial winter coat, it has an ecological breathable coating developed to give you extra protection in extreme weather conditions. Perfect for winter!!

Its features include two deep inside zipped pockets, a heavy duty two-way zip, a warm lightweight lining and a loden collar. Available in acorn overcheck, it is a smart and stylish country coat.

1waterproof casual raincoat 200x300 Rain Before SnowWORTH KHAKI MAIN 200x300 Rain Before Snow



Whichever raincoat you choose to keep you warm into the coming winter months, Suitsmen have a large range, with something that will suit your style and needs, from short and long raincoats to tweeds. You won’t be cold this season.

glenshee main 200x300 Rain Before SnowcottonGrenfellWalkerCoat G 200x300 Rain Before Snow


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What Trench Coat For You??

September 13th, 2011 No comments

Which Trench coat??


Choosing the right Trench Coat for the coming winter months is on the ‘to do’ list of nearly every man.

But it’s ‘which’ Trench Coat that has them pondering over the various types and styles.

Now all Trench Coats are similar but the ones that offer that little bit extra are the ones that catch your eye and add that bit of sophistication to your look!


Suitsmen offers a range of four Trench Coats, a style to suit everyone.

From the Grenfell range we have the Russell Trench Coat and the Windsor Trench Coat. Both are the ideal travel raincoats.

They are hand made in Britain and are of exceptional quality.

Made with 100% cotton, these coats always hang nicely, are always comfortable to wear and offer FULL protection from the elements.

Both have features including an integral belt with a leather buckle, buttoned centre vents, epaulettes to deflect heavy rain and an extra brass neck catch for extra weather proofing, plus a lot more extras including a variety of colours.

However, the Russell Trench Coat has one feature that puts it just ahead of its brother.

Instead of housing a 100% cotton lining like the Windsor, the Russell has a zip out wool lining which hangs to just 4 inches of the bottom of the coat. Not only does this add an extra layer to help in the colder climates but it also adds to the look, feel and the sophistication of this handmade coat.


If all of that is just what you need, but is out of your price range, then the Brook Taverner Derwent Trench Coat will be the ultimate choice.

Not only does it have many of the same features as the handmade Trench Coats; the removable wool mix lining, centre vent for easy mobility and knee length for that protection against the weather.

It is made of 59% cotton, 34% Polyester and 7% Polyurethane, Teflon coated and shower proof, and is available in black, navy and honey.

This coat becomes the superb value trench coat.


Now for those with a more ‘wild side’ the Woodland Leather Black Trench Coat may be just the thing.

This trench is full length offering all the protection that is wanted.

It is made with 100% of the softest NAPPA leather in the classic black, has a full polyester lining including reinforced buttons.

The quality and style of the Black Leather Trench Coat will give an edge to anyone with one.

With the colder months moving in fast, it’s time to start thinking about which trench is the one for you.

Whether its handmade sophistication or the ultimate a style gained from 100% leather, there IS a Trench Coat for everyone.


mw grasmere MAIN 199x300 What Trench Coat For You??                               grenfell trench coat 1 200x300 What Trench Coat For You??                                                                                trench 2 126x300 What Trench Coat For You??


Have you chosen yours?