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Another Fun Photoshoot

November 17th, 2011 No comments

the label pinstripe 2 button single breasted jacket 1 Another Fun PhotoshootA big thankyou goes to Andrew and Catherine at Yeldersley Hall. They have fairly recently been hiring out their house as a Wedding Venue, and if you wanted to get married and have a reception near Ashbourne, I cannot think of a nicer place.

Andrew and his Mum looked after Ashley, Mark and Gina beautifully, and I think you can tell from the smiles, that they all had a great time. The house really sets off the outfits, that you can see on both Suits Men, and Lucy Alice.

Its worth noting, that they have plenty of Self catering Accomodation, set out to a very high standard, and Ashley happy took a few photos for Andrew of the recently refurbished flats.

If you decide to try one, you will not be disappointed.


Also worth Noting, if if you need a good Photographer in Derbyshire, consider Ashley Franklin.

Gold Pinstripe Suit

May 11th, 2011 No comments

A suit with 24 carat gold in the pinstripe is not for the faint hearted to wear. At £960, for a fixed drop suit, (meaning the difference between your chest and your waist must be 6 inches, unless you have a tailor who can change it for you) neither is it a suit to be worn by a person on a budget.

Sydney Cope Gold Pinstripe 2 200x300 Gold Pinstripe Suit

A Suit made with Gold or Platinum

What this suit is, is a very bold statement. The cloth that goes into this suit, is rare, hence only a few have been made. Even getting samples for me to photograph has been difficult.  Usually only Oligarchs have the opportunity to wear this sort of a fabric, so we are delighted to offer it as a bit less exclusive….   But not a lot.



If you find the gold a little too ostentatious, then the same navy first class wool has been woven with platinum.  It makes for a more subtle pinstripe,  but will still  catch the light as you turn round the room, drawing eyes towards you.


Get one while you can.  Gold and Platinum Pinstripe suits

Washable Suits

August 20th, 2009 No comments

I had a bit of fun the other day testing one of our washable suits.  I got a friend to wear it, and then we went Quad biking in the mud.  The idea was to get a short video and put it on Youtube to illustrate just how washable these suits are.

As you can see from these initial images, this was a light summer suit, and it got very dirty!  I do not have a picture of it cleaned…. but it came up beautifully.   I thought it better to get these images up, rather than wait for the full story.  My video expert is away until October, so it will be a while.

The kind people at Wild Park Leisure Quad Biking were very helpful, and took these pictures for us.  It is a fantastic morning out, if you live in the area.  Josh and Jake have both had the misfortune of taking me out, and both are very good teachers, and will give you great fun, whatever your level.

Have a look at our  range of washable suits,  possibly the biggest selection in the country.    Washable suits have come on a long way since the early days, and there are some very effective  fabrics about.  Please drop into our site, and call us if you have any doubts.  One of us will I am sure be able to help you.

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Mobile Phones in Suits

April 22nd, 2009 No comments

Style and Safety: The Douglas Pinstripe Novonic Men’s Suit

Try to imagine a day without your mobile phone? Or better yet, an hour? Mobile phones are a vital part of everyday life, and without them some feel helpless. This would change if more people were aware of the health complications associated with the radiation emitted by mobile phones. This radiation, also known as electrosmog, can affect our brain and cell metabolism. This can be a problem of the past with the Douglas Pinstripe Novonic Men’s Suit.

As technology advances, your wardrobe should do the same. The Douglas Pinstripe Novonic Men’s Suit has pockets that are lined with novonic E-blocker. E-Blocker is an exceptional fabric that protects the body from electrosmog. Although very strong, this fabric looks and feels great! E-Blocker can withstand the usual wash, and can also be dry-cleaned without causing any damage to the fabric’s properties. More importantly, the fabric has been skillfully embroidered on only one side of the pocket, so the normal operation of your mobile phone will not be affected.

Making the Douglas Pinstripe Novonic Men’s Suit the next addition to your closet would be the best health decision and fashion decision you have ever made. Who says you can’t mix style with safety?

Why Buy a suit on the internet?

April 2nd, 2009 No comments

Pinstripe suits have long been associated with banking in the UK. Bankers have recently been advised to dress down, but pinstripes still do convey a strong impression of reliability and dependability. Whether you are wearing pinstripes or solids, SuitsMen can be your source for the best quality suits at the most affordable prices.

SuitsMen sells a variety of suits, all of which are mix and match to allow for various sizes. While buying a suit on the internet may sound unorthodox at first, it is actually a much wiser and more reliable way to make such an important purchase.

The number one reason to buy a suit on the internet, from SuitsMen, is the possibility of trying it on in your own home or office. Often, department stores and specialty shops adjust their lighting and mirrors to flatter the shopper, so a garment which looks great in the shop may not appear the same way in the office the next day, where lighting is dimmer or more harsh. A suit is a crucial part of a business  person’s attire, and it is of vital importance that the right fit and comfort are chosen. Trying on a suit on one’s own turf, so to speak, allows one the comfort needed to make an informed decision.

At SuitsMen we offers free shipping as well as free returns, so if any part of the suit is not right, phone our personalized customer service for advice. We offer a wide selection of suits in all styles and sizes, up to chest size 60. SuitsMen is your best choice for purchasing a suit on the internet.

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Mens Suits Looks

March 30th, 2009 No comments
suitsmen Mens Suits Looks

Mens Suits

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