Washable Suits

I had a bit of fun the other day testing one of our washable suits.  I got a friend to wear it, and then we went Quad biking in the mud.  The idea was to get a short video and put it on Youtube to illustrate just how washable these suits are.

As you can see from these initial images, this was a light summer suit, and it got very dirty!  I do not have a picture of it cleaned…. but it came up beautifully.   I thought it better to get these images up, rather than wait for the full story.  My video expert is away until October, so it will be a while.

The kind people at Wild Park Leisure Quad Biking were very helpful, and took these pictures for us.  It is a fantastic morning out, if you live in the area.  Josh and Jake have both had the misfortune of taking me out, and both are very good teachers, and will give you great fun, whatever your level.

Have a look at our  range of mens washable suits,  possibly the biggest selection in the country.    Washable suits have come on a long way since the early days, and there are some very effective  fabrics about.  Please drop into our site, and call us if you have any doubts.  One of us will I am sure be able to help you.

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