A suit for the Winter

Winter Suits some say that there has been an appalling trend lately, even amongst the so-called “upper classes.” That is the trend of adjusting ones entire style of dress to accommodate seasonal changes in the weather. The fact is that in business, or the better sorts of entertainment, a proper suit is the only appropriate and correct attire. A parka may be suitable as outer wear but sweatshirts and denim are not correct for the office or going out. A proper suit of clothes is the only choice.

Winter suits were generally made of wool and in dark colours. They would be completely lined with a sturdy material and sometimes used with a matching waistcoat to keep in the warmth. Waistcoats have fallen out of fashion with the advent of central heating and the adoption of continental style. They are still a good solution to keeping in the heat during cold weather, as they surround what the medical profession refers to as the “core.”

While there is really no good substitute for wool in a winter suit, dark colours such as black suits could no longer be considered mandatory. Extremely light colours such as khaki are not appropriate to the colder months. Lighter shades of the primary colours are fashionably correct. Patterns and stripes should be, as at any season, subdued. Tweeds and similar patterns are permissible in a country setting but are really not appropriate business or evening wear in the city.

Fashion and fit change with each year just as styles and fabrics change with the seasons. The help of a good and knowledgeable salesperson can be invaluable in the choice of a new suit. The internet is also a good source of information.

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