Buying Blinds Online

I have known Mark for many years (sucks teeth while trying to remember when I first met him late at night on a Webmasterworld meet in London), and have always admired the way he has gone about his business.  He has without doubt, the best window blinds   website on the internet, and I have always aspired to his levels of quality, production, and customer service.

So I was very eager to see what he had been up to when he recently launched his new site

I really had not realised there was so much to blinds either.  It is no longer a choice of Venetian, Roman or roller, as now you can get blinds specially designed for every room in the house.  If you need something for the bathroom, then now there are specifically waterproof blinds you can buy.

Perhaps you need a black out blind for a childs room?   It need no longer be a boring black, but can now be patterned. I very much doubt you will get the choice in your local curtain shop.


I suspect his new site is doing well, and not just because the country has turned to DIY.


Have a look, and you will see why.

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