A Suit for Court

The life of an Internet Retail is not always easy, even if we are still in a growing market place.

This is a story, with the names removed, of our discussion with a customer, which ended up in court. I am delighted to say, that the judge was a fair and honest man, who looked at the facts, and dismissed the claims against us out of hand.

The story goes roughly like this:

A Gentleman phoned up having found us on Google.  He required a couple of shirts. The conversation went well from both sides, ending with us sending him two shirts, delivered to him the following day.  A couple of days later, he was not happy. We had apparently sent him the wrong shirts. These things do happen, so rarther then fret about whose fault it was, we did what we could to put it right.  We had delivered what we understood he wanted, confirmed it by email and then supplied what we said.

Unfortunately the shirts he wanted, were nearly twice the price.  It was the double cuff shirts he wanted, and he wanted them at the same price as the Value shirts we had sent and charged him for. If we did not do this, then he was taking us to court.

Now my understanding of court, is it is a place of “last resort”, not something you threaten on a first email when you are not happy. Still, despite this threat, we tried to make him happy, but the only thing he would accept, was us to send him the shirts he wanted, at the price he originally paid.

Apart from the threat, which is never nice, this seemed wrong. If he could demand this of us, then every Etailer out there, would be open to a scam.

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