Mobile Phones in Suits

Try to imagine a day without your mobile phone? Or better yet, an hour? Mobile phones are a vital part of everyday life, and without them some feel helpless. This would change if more people were aware of the health complications associated with the radiation emitted by mobile phones. This radiation, also known as electrosmog, can affect our brain and cell metabolism. This can be a problem of the past with the Douglas Pinstripe Novonic Men’s Suit.

As technology advances, your wardrobe should do the same. The Douglas Pinstripe Novonic Men’s Suit has pockets that are lined with novonic E-blocker. E-Blocker is an exceptional fabric that protects the body from electrosmog. Although very strong, this fabric looks and feels great! E-Blocker can withstand the usual wash, and can also be dry-cleaned without causing any damage to the fabric’s properties. More importantly, the fabric has been skillfully embroidered on only one side of the pocket, so the normal operation of your mobile phone will not be affected.

Making the Douglas Pinstripe Novonic Men’s Suit or a lovely Douglas Suit Jacket the next addition to your closet would be the best health decision and fashion decision you have ever made. Who says you can’t mix style with safety?

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