How To Look After Your Leather Jacket

Cleaning Leather Jackets Properly

Leather jacket as part of your mens suits, it must have a proper care to stay and look great for years. It cannot be cleaned the same way as other clothing, but the process is simple, and important if you want your jacket to last. You can use a protective spray like Suede and Leather Guard, it helps protect the jacket and keeps water, grime, and dirt from soaking into the garment. Here are a few steps for cleaning your leather jacket:

The leather outer – General Cleaning.

The outside of your coat or jacket should be sprayed with Leather Groom as directed, (usually once ot twice a year).  Use a  damp clothe to remove stains and marks in between treatments. One tin of Leather Groom, a conditioning foam (soon to available for purchase), is sufficient to treat the average leather jacket about three times. Leather groom maintains the  jacket’s rich color and keeps it soft, supple but strong. Since the outer surface of your jacket was originally made with a gentle tanning process, you will not need to use any harsh chemicals to care for it properly.

How to deal with scuffs and loss of colour.

Many leather jackets eventually suffer colour loss or scuffing, and there are a couple of options for treating these problems. By the use of Leather Groom, it can restore its color gradually and conditioned your faded jackets. Heat exposure can dry the leather and make it seem duller than it really is, so a small amount of conditioner may do the trick of restoring its colour. Or you can use a Tuxan Polish, it can cover a minor scuffs , just choice a color that match to your jacket.

If your jacket has been neglected for a long time, take it to a specialist Cleaner.  Most dry cleaners will be able to do this for you.

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