Ashbourne Photoshoot

Mark at Avanti AshbourneIt is with thanks to Ashley Franklin for his work on our first ever photo shoot.  As a small company, we have traditionally taken our pictures in a room with a white background. That works just fine for normal imagery, but a photo shoot does rather uplift the products, so you can see them as they are worn.

Ashley found two  great people, and Actor and an Actress, Mark and Tamzin. I think you will agree that they both make the garments look fabulous, and we had such fun taking the pictures in Ashbourne.

Indeed we could not have done it without the help of a lot of people in Ashbourne.  First Mick Hulme, the fishmonger, kindly lent us a room for the day to change in.  He does not have a website, selling fish online is not an easy thing to do, as it does not stay fresh for long.  But thank you Mick for your help.  The Leather Coat  you particularly liked is now online, so I await your call!

Thanks also to Alan at Avanti Jewellery, the Ashbourne Jewellers.  Alan, keeps a stunning range of rings, Broaches, necklaces etc that are real quality individual items, you will not get this quality in the usual high street shops.

At St Johns Art Gallery and Coffe shop

Next we went to the St John Art Gallery, where you can get an excellent cup of coffee, and superb slice of cake!  If you come to Ashbourne, you really do need to make sure you visit.  I cannot promise that all the art in the images are still there, but I can promise you will find some lovely pieces.

Finally, we went to Manion  Antiques, where Vivyan kindly lent us both her court yard and her superb furniture.  I think you will agree that they make a superb setting, if you are ever in Ashbourne, then you will find Vivyan opposite Mick Hulme, the Fish Monger, on St Johns Street.

So a thank you to everyone.

Next we are hoping to see Helen at Meynell Langley Hall for some more pictures.