Do you know what Length and Size Suit to get? No…

Many people buy the wrong sized suits. And I’m not just talking about chest size and waist size. I mean those you see with a jacket that seems far too long, or the trousers with the socks showing.


But if there is no size chart on the suit which tells you what size jacket to buy for your height, how do you know what size to buy??

So here at Suits men, we have put together a rough guide line, of heights to Jacket Lengths. Not only should this help you decide which jacket length you should get, but also which one will look the best on you.


So if you are 5’7” or under…

You are put into the ‘Short’ Category. This jacket is one inch shorter in the length of the jacket and in the arm length.


5’8” to 5’10”…

You are our regulars. Any standard length Jacket is perfect for you.


5’11” and Over…

 Now you may not think you are tall, but you have been put into the ‘Long’ category. These jackets are one inch longer in back length and sleeve length than the regular jackets. Giving you just a bit more coverage.


But what about…

Now I know some of you will have other questions and queries,


I am in the regular category, but I have long arms, what should I do??

You could buy the Long Jacket, however this may look slightly too long on the body. The other option would be to have the regular jacket and show off your smart double cuff shirt underneath with some sophisticated cuff links. Some people even prefer to wear their jackets like that.


Do the length of the back and the arm length change with chest size too?

For a regular jacket, there would be slight changes in length throughout the sizes. Not as obvious as changing to a short or long, but the arms and back would get slightly longer in the larger sizes (estimated at about quarter of an inch per chest size)


This is the same for the Short and Long jackets.


How are the Back Length and Sleeve Length Measured?

There are two ways of measuring shirt sleeves.

Sleeve Crown to Cuff is from the end of the shoulder (Crown) to the end of the Cuff.

Or Middle Back to Cuff, which is a straight line measurement from the middle of the collar at the back of the jacket to the end of the cuff.


Most suits are measured with the Crown to Cuff measurement system.


The Back Lengths

The back lengths are measured from the top of the collar to the middle of the bottom of the jacket.


So Now…

Now you know exactly how to measure yourself for a suit jacket. And it’s pretty similar for the trousers too. Its 29” Short, 31” Regular and 33” Long.


Some suits also offer 36” unfinished, this means that the bottoms of the trousers are not hemmed up. However this can be easily solved as local dry cleaners do take trousers up and don’t charge a lot either.


For any other questions

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