Mayfield Hall Photoshoot

A big thank you to Mike for letting us use Mayfield Hall near Ashbourne for our latest photoshoot.  Mike has the most stunning Bed rooms available.

A quality Trench coat
British Made Trench coat

Very comfortable, and a glorious specification. The Lord of Mayfield (Mike) offer Bed and Breakfast, have a look at his website for details

Some of the pictures should show the true elegance of the Hall, but there is nothing like a visit to fully appreciate some of the finer features. Inside the Hall, the panelled bedroom has a fireplace that is dated 1608 and beneath the Hall are cellars and passages reputedly dating from 1157.

This Time Debbie was involved, and her ability to put colours and styles together, has I think revolutionised what we can offer.  Theresa will shortly be writing about some of the matching outfits we put together this time, and our next Shoot in April, we will be putting together more outfits for you, so you can be sure that items you select from our site will match nicely.