Your thoughts on our Newsletter this month?

With the Euro 2012 World Cup making an appearance and all of the celebrations that follow, SuitsMen believe that you need the best outfit possible.

And with that in mind we sent out our 2012 Euro World Cup newsletter.


However a few customers have decided that aiming at football was probably not the best angle to go at.


One Customer said: “How many Scottish customers are you sending this to?”


After reading this and thinking ‘Oh yeah’, we actually hadn’t thought that our English Team football supporting Newsletter was going out to everyone. (Even those who don’t support England)


Another customer took another view and explained: “I can assure you that I would absolutely HATE to be mistaken for a footballer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ESPECIALLY One of the incompetent losers that make up the England team!! In my opinion they are grossly overpaid, incompetent, prima donna’s, who dive if an opponent gets with six feet of them!! And yes, I AM English!!”


Even though our newsletter is in support of the England Team and the Euro 2012, our main aim is to help everyone enjoy the celebration and look fantastic doing so. Whether it is in a pair of the chinos we offer, or whether you actually want a brand new suit.


Maybe we should focus on Tennis next time. What are your views on our newsletter??


Comment on our Facebook page, email us here, or comment on the blog itself. We would love to hear your views.

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