The Hat is the item that is always forgotten, so don’t forget yours!

Hats are the main item of clothing that is forgotten from an outfit. Some people don’t think they need a hat, some don’t like to wear hats and others believe that no hat will suit them.

However a hat can complete your outfit and make you stand out, look smart and sophisticated and give you that extra bit of confidence.

Here at Suits Men we have a variety of hats, from ‘packaway’ to take on your holidays with ease, ones to keep the sun off your face and your head cool, we even have the full leather hats.

Take a look at the ones we have posted below.

Fans of Leather
The Leather Ranger hat is perfect! With a broad curved brim, fly band and chinstrap it is smart and practical.

Supporting Suede
The Pamplona Old Suede Hat has a broader brim than most Rogue Hat styles and is made in suede that arrives looking “aged”. It immediately gives your hat that “used” look!

Keeping Cool
To keep you cool and in the shade we suggest the Fullgrain Breezy Hat. It has a broad brim to cover your face and keep the sun out of your eyes as well as a meshed top to allow for a breeze on your head. Perfect for walks or family events. We also sell another made in suede if leather isn’t your thing, Suede Breezy Hat.

For the Travellers
We have a couple of hats perfect for those going away.

The Packaway Hat, this hat is soft and packs away flat in its own bag; it then regains its full shape when taken back out. It is also water resistant – the perfect travelling hat.


If you are after a simpler hat try the Travel Mate Suede Floppy Hat. It is lightweight, compact and ‘squashable’ soft suede leather with a small brim. Perfect for those who like to travel light.

For everything else
We have lots of other styles and types of hat available so if the ones above haven’t caught your eye check out what else we have on our website.

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