The Start of a New Sock

For the lovers and fans of the Grip Top Sock, they will be disappointed to hear of the discontinuing of this type of sock. However, Rupert the Tailor has created the perfect replacement.

Adding to his Bespoke Styling Range, Rupert has created his own knee length sock. Now even though the socks is within the Rupert the Tailor range, it is not a bespoke sock. He is not going to ask you to measure your feet and toes for this fantastic sock.


Rupert is having the sock produced in a variety of colours including, Navy, Black, Charcoal, Grey, Oatmeal, Lovat and Rustic as well as a range of sizes from 7-8, 8.5-9, 9.5-10, 10.5-11 and 12+.

So there is a perfect pair for everyone.


Rupert the Tailor Red Top Socks are Knee Length, with a Grip Top. They are very durable with a reinforced heel and toe and they have a high wool content.


You can pre-order for Rupert the Tailor Red Top Socks now, for any of the colours and sizes. Delivery is expected at the end of January and your order will be sent out as soon as this delivery has been received.


If you are not sure if the Rupert the Tailor Red Top Sock is for you, why not try one pair then you can always come back for more!


At only £11 per pair it is a fantastic price for this quality sock. You will find nothing more similar to the beloved Grip Top.


So take a look and pre-order your favourite colour, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us by giving us a call on 01335 361287 or email us here. We are happy to answer any of your questions and give you as much information and help as we can.


Don’t forget we have a wide range of socks on our website including Brands such as H J Hall, Vyiella and Wolsey as well as Rupert the Tailor. If long socks are not your thing just have a look at what else we have to offer to see if you can find your new favourite sock.


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