Time for Romance, Gifts and being Spoilt Rotten

Valentine’s Day is approaching and as we all try and think of the perfect gift to get our other half. The perfect romantic scenario to set, and creating the unforgettable night you want it to be, we tend to forget about the most important factor – how we look!




Now SuitsMen can’t help you with the gifts, however we have heard Chocolates and Flowers are a good choice, and we can’t book your table at your favourite restaurant or come and cook your favourite meal. But we can make sure that you are looking the part, smart and sophisticated.


She won’t be able to take her eyes off you.




We have a variety of suits available on SuitsMen, with sizes ranging from 36” to 54” chests and numerous colours. So whether you are looking for a slim fitting suit or are looking for large mens suits you will hopefully find what you are looking for.


The Skopes Madrid Suit is a favourite and is a classic suit for any occasion. Single breasted with a 2 button front and available in 7 colours, you can’t go wrong.




Check out the other suits we have for sale including 100% Wool suits which will keep you looking smart throughout your Valentine day.


Are you a couple for giving gifts?

Does she love jewellery and chocolates or is she more for flowers and wine?

How about you?

These Skopes jackets will make a great gift.

We can’t get it to you in time for Valentine’s Day but a Rupert the Tailor Bespoke Suit is a fantastic gift. An affordable, great quality suit with British Materials and quality craftsmanship.


100% Wool RTT


She will have you looking smart all year round! Not just on those special occasions!


Don’t forget we have a PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE and it can be with you within 3 weeks of ordering.


So get her the perfect gifts and grab a Rupert the Tailor Bespoke suit in return.


An Unforgettable Valentine’s Day!


If you want something a little more casual why not take a look at our Bespoke Rupert the Tailor Jackets and Trousers.


And if you can’t find what you would like, give us a call and we might be able to do it for you.


SuitsMen will help you look great for Valentine’s. Check out the website here www.suitsmen.co.uk


Call us on 01335 361287 or email us here and we will do everything we can to help.


Check out our Facebook Pages and Twitter feed for more information about our products, Rupert the Tailor and our blogs.


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