Are Dinner Suit Styles down to Trend?

When asked to describe a Dinner Suit many people would instantly say black single breasted Jacket, with satin notch lapels, 1 button front (with covered buttons), plain or singled pleated suit trousers with straight legs and a stripe down the side. Matched with a white shirt and black bow tie, a cummerbund may even be worn, with black shoes.

Well they might not say it with such details, but along the same lines.

But are the above guidelines really that strict and need to be followed to the letter?

No, not really, all a dinner suit should really consist of is a black suit, with a white shirt. A bow tie adds to the formality. You can even wear a waistcoat if you wish.

The Jacket
Now the jacket must be black, but it doesn’t have to have 1 button on the front, if you prefer 2, find a 2 button suit, or a 3 button suit. You also don’t have to have the satin lapels, but if you like the satin you can add it to the tops of your flap pockets too, or even have jetted if flaps are not your thing.


Craig Single Breasted Dinner Suit
Craig Single Breasted Dinner Suit


You can even move away from the single breasted part and go for a classic Double Breasted Dinner Suit.


Churchill Double Breasted Dinner Suit
Churchill Double Breasted Dinner Suit


Again this must be black, but you can have plain or pleated trousers and you can choose whether or not to have the stripe down the outside of your leg.


Craig Single Breasted Dinner Suit Trousers
Craig Single Breasted Dinner Suit Trousers


Belt loops and brace buttons are acceptable even though waist adjusters are the most common extra.

A black bow tie is always appropriate with a dinner suit, match this with a wing collar shirt for a very smart finish. Or you can have a normal black tie with a formal white shirt for a similar but not as formal look.

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