Are You Ready?

Christmas is only 15 days away now, and the shops are becoming the most daunting place to go on a weekend.

The hustle and bustle down high streets, fighting through the mass to get to the shelves (or even in the shop door). Finding that everywhere you go the item you need is constantly sold out! – You didn’t realise it was actually that popular.

You start to dread the weekends coming up to Christmas, just for the factor of having to go out there again, the frustration of getting stuck behind another of the world’s slowest walkers, or those who feel it’s perfectly find to stop dead right in front of a streaming crowd.

Have you ever tried to fit between cars in a parking lot with 700 bags of shopping – it’s pretty much impossible.

So Suits Men have decided to make your Christmas, this Christmas, the most relaxing, by letting us worry about getting the items you want to you. All we need you to do is choose what you want.


Stress Free Christmas
Stress Free Christmas


“What about delivery charges?” we hear you call.
Simple – there are none, and you get it in 3-4 working days. (Or next day for a tiny fee)


“What if it’s not the right thing?”
No problem, Freepost returns mean easy refunds and exchanges.


So there really is no reason to go on fighting through the crowds. Queuing at the tills, or searching that fifth shop for that one item which is strangely hard to find. Just buy everything you need from us!

We have everything from Men’s Suits and Mens Jackets to Coats and Mens Pleated Trousers. Colourful Shirts with colourful Ties. Assortments of Socks and Underwear. Bags and Bow Ties. Wallets and Waistcoats.


Order online through or call us on 01335 361287 and we can place your order for you over the phone.


Sign up for our Newsletters to make sure you don’t miss out on customer freebies! (There’s some special Cords on offer now!)


If you want to speak to a member of the SuitsMen Team, call 01335 361287 anytime between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, or email us here. We aim to help and respond as quickly and efficiently as we can.


We want you to have a great and stress free Christmas!

It is the holidays after all!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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