Waistcoats – as individual as you!

2015 is here!  I know it’s only mid January but the nights are getting lighter …honest.  It is however still cold, with snow and gales being predicted over the weekend.   I would therefore like to talk to you about something different – waistcoats.

Did you know the introduction of the waistcoat can be accurately dated  to 1666, when it was introduced by Charles II as the correct dress during the restoration of the monarchy.  For the mathematical among you this means that next year will be the 350 year anniversary of this attractive and yet functional item of clothing.

The initial waistcoat was made from black cloth with a white silk lining but we are no longer constrained by the conventions of the 1660’s.    You can have tweed, denim, silk, wool and linen, to mention just a few.  You can have a rainbow of colours from Plum to Jasmine.  You can have single or double breasted (which became popular in the 1780’s), and an array of buttons. You can now get backless waistcoats for men, get them in almost any colour you can think of although the black waistcoat is still the most popular and they can be smart or casual.  The waistcoat can be as individual as you.  It can provide a dash of colour, a soupçon of style, a slice ‘of I’m different and I don’t care’. This mens tweed wool waistcoat goes perfectly with a white shirt and a pair of Jeans.

I need your help in championing the waistcoat so that we are ready to celebrate and enjoy this wonderful versatile item of clothing.  Let’s campaign to make 2016 the year of the waistcoat.  To get the ball rolling look at http://www.pinterest.com/suitsmen.  Lead the way and others will follow.  Remember you heard it here first and there will be more to come!

Lastly  the fabulous waistcoat provides a much needed additional layer against the snow and gales ….fashion and function can’t be wrong

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