When to Wear a Pinstripe Suit

The classic pinstripe suit has been a mainstay in the banking and financial world for decades, but in these economic times, many are being told to ‘dress down.’ Does this mean you should hold off buying that new pinstripe suit? Hardly. In these troubling times, people are looking for solid, dependable, business advice, so it’s more important than ever that you look and dress the part. People want to work with someone they can trust, so it is crucial that you exude confidence and competence. And what better way than in a traditional, three piece, pinstripe suit?

And speaking of trust, you can trust SuitsMen to deliver a quality product and stand behind what we sell. What better way to shop for a new suit than in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office? And why try on a suit in a drafty old dressing room, when you can do so in your office? We offer free deliver and returns, so you never have to worry about buying a suit you don’t like. Don’t waste your valuable time looking through rack after rack of suits at a store trying to find your size. We have suits in all sizes up to chest size 60, and a wide variety of mix and match styles to fit everyone. If you need help with your purchase, just phone for advice, we are available to answer your questions.

Look and dress the part of the successful businessman. Buy your suits at SuitsMen.

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