Waistcoats & Cravats: Outfitting the Groom & Ushers On Your Wedding Day

Waistcoats & Cravats: Outfitting the Groom & Ushers On Your Wedding Day

I wrote this for a bit of fun.  I love weddings, they are the best parties to go to. Everyone is always so happy, (well the odd sad person who is regretting not getting married that day, but it is a natural part of life).

The wedding day is when the men are called in to do their fair share. Leading up to this day, the bride and her maids have spent countless hours obsessing over every last lace detail, and the man has been able to sit back without a care.

But, on the big day it is the grooms duty to honour his bride by looking his best–and making sure the ushers are looking just as dapper! This means it is time to invest your energy in seeking out the perfect outfit, and that means waistcoats and cravats. A real gentleman will be attired in the best, but this does not mean he will look like any other groom out there. There are a wide array of choices for each personality–for the edgy groom look towards the Classic Leather Waistcoat, or add a bit of whimsy to your day with the Doeskin Waistcoat and Folkespeare Bow Tie or stick to a more traditional wedding waistcoat to match your wedding suit. Your ushers are sure to look smart in any number of cravats available, and with a diverse selection of bold colors you will be certain to carry your wedding theme into the men’s wardrobe seamlessly. With numerous options that can be mixed and matched, the waistcoats and cravats are easily taken care of so that you can focus on what really matters–your big day! It is the groom and ushers’ job to look their best for this special occasion, but with these charming sets you can be certain to find the men in your life looking tops!

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