Exceptional Service

It is always nice to find a shop that offers service that we would, and it does not happen every day.

It is with that in mind, I would like to tell you about my dealings with Kate, at SillyJokes.  It was not a silly joke I was ordering from her, a Fancy Dress for my Daughter Lucy.

Lucy is practising for her school show, that they put on every Christmas at her School in Osmaston. The school put a huge amount of effort into it, and the children benefit enormously.

As usual we started planning her outfit too late, but found a great villagers outfit, with next day delivery, At SillyJokes.  It is a lovely outfit, but when it did not arrived yesterday as planned, we started to panic.  Kate came straight back to our query, with a refund on the delivery, and a tracking number, saying it would be delivered today.

It was not her fault.  The country is covered in snow.  I needed reassurance that the garment was on its way to me, not still in the warehouse, as is always possible.   So if you are looking for some Fancy Dress for the office party, then consider her site 🙂

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