Work Shirts – Which one?

Everybody likes a comfortable, smart and sophisticated looking shirt for work. But finding one that you like, in a style you like, in a colour you like is the difficult thing.

(Unless work buy them in for you.)

Suitsmen offer a wide variety of shirts, from dress shirts, formal shirts, long sleeved, short sleeved, slim fit. There is a type for everyone – even including the younger generation with a range of boy’s shirts being available.

Now if work shirts are what you need…

Rael Brook have a selection of work shirts available. With two piece boned collars, single cuffs and a breast pocket, these shirts are excellent for the casual or formal office. They are also available in 25 different colours!!

Rael Brook have also brought out some newer Long Sleeve Work Shirts with all the same features including 7 new colours, of which the ‘Cyan’ is also a short sleeve shirt.

They also have the Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt, in a cotton rich fabric this shirt has a button down collar and is available in the classic blue. It is also made in the Short Sleeve version for those who don’t like the long sleeved styles.

Now we don’t only sell Rael Brook shirts, we also have the Easy Iron Roccella Shirt by Brook Taverner, this shirt is a short sleeved version, it is cotton rich, easy care and easy iron, has a breast pocket and is available in a pink/grey stripe, a blue/white stripe and white/grey stripe.

Skopes Party Shirt is a formal work shirt, that isn’t the same as the usual style. With its brighter pinstripe pattern and variety of 5 colours this shirt is a quality works shirt. Its features include long sleeves and single cuffs.

If you still haven’t found the shirt for you, there is definitely one in our range. It could be the doubled cuff Brook Taverner Bresso Shirt, or if you prefer more of a slim fit version the Slim Fit Shirt from Skopes Luxury Collection.


We have a colour and style to suit everyone.



Now you have no reason not to be smart and comfortable at work!