For Those Special Occasions…

Having the right shirt can make any outfit look 100% better. Especially if it’s the right make, right material, right size and fits perfectly.

But finding one of these shirts in the quality that you want, without searching for months through hundreds of shops or websites is hard to come by. Especially if the shirt you want is specific to a certain outfit, or you want a certain collar.

However at Suits men, we have a range of formal shirts that will cover your every need.

Formal shirts come in all shapes and size, patterns and collars.


David Latimer have a Mandarin Collar Dress Shirt, this shirt is a popular one with the Nehru Suit, Morning suits at weddings, or just to wear how you like. It has a dual cuff, a standard cuff with buttons but also buttonholes to fit cufflinks if required.

It is a plain fabric with a centre fold covering the buttons, available in classic white it will keep you looking smart and sharp.

Wing Collars

Now if you are looking for a smart dress shirt to wear with a Cravat or Bow Tie, our range of wing collar shirts will have something suited to you.

The Wing Collar Dress Shirt by Skopes is tremendous value and quality for money. It has a fly fronted, plain bib and double cuffs. Smart and sophisticated.

Rael Brook offers the Swept Wing Collar Double Cuff Formal Shirt, with a higher collar upstand that the usual wing collar it is ideal for use with scrunchies and cravats, giving a clean, crisp and extremely smart look.

Now if plain is not what you were after…

Suitsmen also offer the wing collar in Black, White with Pleats, and with dual and double cuffs.

The swept collar is also available in Black with a Dual Cuff, and Black with a Single Cuff.

Standard Collars…

David Latimer also has a Standard Collar Shirt with dual cuffs. It has a centrefold covering the buttons and is available in the classic white.

We also have a range of standard shirts with Pleats and with Double Cuffs.

With the range on Suitsmen, you will find that shirt for that special occasion, with the right fit, collar, pleat and cuff so make you look smart, sophisticated and debonair.