New Merino and Cashmere on Suitsmen from the Scottish Hawick Knitwear Company

Suits men have new products from Hawick Knitwear, who specialise in Lambswool, Merino and Cashmere.

Hawick Knitwear are based in Hawick, Scotland. They have 250 employees and a proud manufacturing history which can be traced back to 1874.

Every piece of the Hawick collection is made in their own factory in Hawick so that they can ensure that all their work is of excellent standard.

The Hawick Cashmere items are made from the very best cashmere, giving you the sofest, most comfortable and luxurious of jumpers.

Their Merino jumpers are also made from the best merino wool, giving them an incredibly soft touch and excellent feel when being worn.

Their Merino jumpers are made from the wool taken from the first clippings of a young sheep. This clip usually takes place when the animal is seven to eight months old, the result is that the wool is softer and of a higher quality than that taken from older animals. It also allows for the fibres to be at their longest and woven together tighter, giving less chance of fraying, which is found on many knitwear items.

Merino clothing combines all of these practical qualities with a timeless style. The garments are extremely versatile, and come in a range of colours and cuts. Because the wool is so soft and fine, they have a luxurious feel, and lend themselves well to subtle, figure-hugging designs.

Probably the most obvious reason for the popularity of wool is the touch and feel of the wool, but the more practical consideration is their ability at keeping heat in. Wool fabrics tend to be bulkier and keep more air insulating you well. Wool doesn’t just keep you warm though, it can keep hot air in, but it can also keep hot air out. So those jumpers you thought would just be good for winter could also be good for those warm summer evenings.


Hawick Knitwear also offer vests within their Lambswool and Merino collections, there is also Argyle patterned Lambswool Jumpers with all the softness of the lambswool but the added extra of colour and pattern, the Fairisle pattern Lambswool Jumper and the Birdseye Lambswool Jumper, with patches on the elbows for extra wear and tear and style, and the Cable Stich Effect Lambswool Jumper.