Scottish Highland Dress – Similar to Black Tie??

The Scottish Highland Dress is often worn to formal occasions in the place of the traditional black tie outfit.

It consists of a black barathea jacket with silver buttons and a matching or tartan waistcoat. The traditional kilt with a white shirt and shirt studs, French or barrel cuffs and a turn-down classic collar.  Also a black bow tie or white lace jabot are needed. Evening dress brogues and full dress kilt hose are worn with silk flashes or garter ties. A dress sporran with a silver chain and a black, silver mounted sgian dubh with the option of wearing a dirk.

The last two items being swords and knives…

(Quick explanations)

Jabot – a delicate item worn near the throat. Similar to a piece of jewellary.

Brogues – Shoes

Sporran – the Pouch worn around the waist.

Very different to the Jacket, Waistcoat and plain or pleated trousers.

Here at Suits Men we do offer a similar version of the Scottish Highland Dress,

By Brook Taverner and of the highest quality, the Prince Charlie has the traditional jacket with peaked lapels, satin facing, a centre vent, decorated cuffs with 3 buttons on each cuff. Braided Epaulettes and a six show button front.

There is also a three button waistcoat, also with lapels and a strap and buckle adjuster.

The Black Watch Tartan Trousers have a plain front with slanted side pockets, belt loops and hip pockets. All items are Pure New Wool and the trousers have a classic tartan pattern.

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