What do you think about buying without being able to try on?

The aspect of buying something without being able to handle it, feel the material, try it on for size and get different opinions puts many off buying clothing off the internet.


Especially if it’s an expensive suit.


Gadgets and advice have been put onto websites to ensure that customers can where possible buy the right size.

But sometimes a chart or estimated size doesn’t help that much at all.


There could be ‘Virtual Fitting Rooms’. Where you can see a model in ‘your’ size wearing the clothes to help you imagine what it would look like. You could even put up a picture of yourself.


But these can be complicated and frustrating if they won’t load on your computer. They are also very expensive for the company to run.


Now, putting in your size is easy enough, with the information on ‘how to’. But sometimes people do idealize their shape, pulling in their stomach when measuring around the waist. This only means the suit jacket may be tight when you finally get it.


Or standing up broad and tall when normally you have a slight slouch, this could lead to the wrong size being ordered and therefore an ill-fitting suit.


Here at suitsmen, we have clear size charts with our products telling you the back length, arm lengths and various other lengths of the items you are looking at. As well as diagrams to help you visualise what to do.


We also clearly state how to and where to measure these lengths from, so you can do it yourself at home, and all you would need is a tape measure.


Not only that, but our system also saves the sizes you have ordered. So next time when you log on, if you ordered a 44” Regular jacket and 40” Regular (31”) length trousers, then these would be highlighted for you on the products you choose.


And if you still don’t understand, or don’t know which to choose, you can just give us a call on 01335 361287 and we will help you pick the perfect size.


Our FREE delivery and FREE returns also means it doesn’t cost you anything if the suit or item is not right. (Within the UK)


For any more information or advice call 01335 361287, or email support@suitsmen.co.uk and we will help in any way we can.


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