What is a suit…Art or Fashion?

What is the meaning behind the word ‘Fashion’.

What does it make you think of?


I know for me, personally, its high street stores, the cat-walk, what’s popular, what’s ‘now in’. It also reminds me of the younger generation. The early 20’s or teens. Those who the trend is generally aimed at.

Every now and again there is a new flash of fashion through stores; I mean not that long ago there were multi-coloured jeans everywhere. Knitwear takes its turn in being worn throughout the years and of course at one point it was the ‘must’ to own a pair of those leggings.

Now of course ‘fashion’ can be classy and stylish, but it’s not long before this type is forgotten and the new fashion trend has begun.

What about ‘Art’…


Traditionally art seems to be more classical, especially when associated with paintings. More now with sculptures and buildings, art can be seen everywhere. Even artistic trends do pass but they are not forgotten.

Art is generally remembered and visited more frequently than the long-lost forgotten fashion statements, for example ‘dungarees’. I can’t remember how longs it’s been since I’ve seen a pair of these that wasn’t on a builder or a workman, but at one point they were all anyone could wear.


However…there are some types of ‘fashion’ that seems more like ‘art’. A classic dinner suit. The style of the suit has stayed the same. The colours haven’t really changed. The traditional meaning is there still, even amongst the slight tailoring that has taken place.

Even with the fashion worlds attempts to make the ‘suit’ a more stylish icon, to blend in with the current trends the suit has managed to keep its sophistication and classical feel through all of the alterations. It hasn’t really changed.


It could be argued that ‘fashion’ isn’t made; it’s all about the style of the individual who chooses to wear the items.

But in reality we are all pushed to what the ‘fashion businesses’ believe to be great for the year.

Whether it be a brand new item of reinvented clothing, or an item we are brought round to again…I’m sure it was in the last couple of years the 60’s style dresses were brought back…


But we are never brought round to wearing suits; they are never a ‘fashion statement’.

I suppose what I’m really pointing out is that unlike a fashion style, a suit doesn’t fade away. They are always in fashion, always in style even though they haven’t changed to keep up with the times.


Like art, they don’t have to be remembered and reinvented as they are never forgotten.


Like art, a mens suit will be a piece that never goes out of date.


A piece that doesn’t follow the fashion crowd.


That’s why, here at suitsmen, we pride ourselves in the suits we sell. Knowing we will find you your perfect suit, without having to worry about whether it will fit in with the current trend.


Suits, to me are Art.


Do you agree??


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