Matching Suits for Men and Women…We have them!

Maybe you want to be wearing a similar suit to your other half. Maybe you want all of your employees to be wearing the same suits. Maybe you just want to smarten up the image you believe you are putting across. We can help you do this.


Many people find it hard to match suits for both males and females. Many companies don’t offer the alternate gender version of one suit. But here at Suits Men we do just that. We have both the male and female versions of many of our suits. Allowing for variety and individuality yet holding together the smart, sharp and collected image.


The Suits

For the Women we have collections for each suit. Within these collections are a variety of Jackets, Trousers, Skirts, Waistcoats and maybe even a Dress. All of the items match each other in composition and colour.

For the Men, well we have your usual Jacket, Trousers and a Waistcoat if it is available.


Collection One

The Asti Sophisticated Collection by Brook Taverner consists of 5 Jackets including a long-line and short style. Four pairs of Trousers, again all in different styles and 2 different types of skirt. A Waistcoat and Dress are also included within this Collection.

The collection above matches with the Brook Taverner Avalino Washable Suit and the Imola Suit. Both these suits go with the Busso Waistcoat.




All are available in Charcoal, Black, Navy, Navy Pinstripe, Charcoal Pinstripe and Grey (except Imola in Grey). The composition is 54% Polyester, 44% Wool and 2% Lycra.


Collection Two

The Bella Fashion Collection by Brook Taverner has 5 Jackets including the Bella Double Breasted Jacket. 3 Pairs of trousers, 3 Skirts including a Long Line skirt, and a waistcoat. They are very fashionable, lightweight and superbly tailored.

For the Men, this collection matches the Giglio Suit by Brook Taverner, a single breasted 2 button suit with matching Bari Waistcoat.




With four colours available in Black, Black Multistripe, Navy and Navy Multistripe it is great for employees, or for occasions when looks mean everything. The Composition is 67% Polyster, 30% Wool and 3% Lycra.


Collection Three

The Brook Taverner Concept collection is a little more limited for the women, as there is only one Jacket, Trousers and Skirt in this line.

It does match to the Concept Suit for the Men which consists of the Alpha Jacket and Delta Trousers.




All suits are machine washable and are available in Navy, Black and Charcoal, this suits composition is 65% Polyester and 35% Viscose.


Collection Four

For the Women this consists of the Brook Taverner Mayfair Performance Collection. Which includes 3 Jackets of varying styles, 2 Skirts again including a long line skirt and 2 pairs of trousers in different styles.

The matching male alternative is the Brook Taverner Langham Suit, a 3 button single breasted suit jacket with single pleated trousers.




Both available in Charcoal, Black, Navy, Navy Shadow Stripe and Navy Pinstripe. The composition is 54% Polyester, 44% Wool, 2% Lycra.


And last but not least Collection Five

The Skopes Business Boutique Collection is one of our newest collections. The Womens version contains a single breasted Jacket, flat fronted Trousers, Royale Straight Skirt, 5 Button Waistcoat and a shift Dress.

The Male suit has the same name of Business Boutique and consists of a single breasted 2 button Jacket and Plain fronted or pleated trousers. With a matching 5 button waistcoat.




Where to get them…

You can purchase any of the above suits by calling 01335 361287, or emailing

Alternatively you can visit for the womens and for the mens.

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