The Top 10 Most Stylish People in Suits

There are always those people who look fantastic in a suit. They stand out and grab all of the attention in the room. Most of the time, when we think of people in suits, we think of the famous or the famously rich…


But here at Suits Men we want to make our customers feel as good as those celebs, by finding them the perfect suit. We have a whole range of different styles, colours, materials from the standard 2 button, to a fantastic tuxedo. All you have to do is tell us your size.


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But here at Suits Men we also decided to list our favourite 10 celebs in suits. (They are not listed in a specific order)


1) The one and only Prince William. He always looks fantastic in a suit, wearing the right cut for the occasions and pulling the look off with style and sophistication.


2) The first of two James Bond’s Sean Connery. Both as James Bond and as himself, Sean is a guy who will always look good in a suit whether fighting baddies, holding a martini or walking down the red carpet.


3) Now for Cary Grant. This celeb is another that looks good in a suit no matter where they are, what they are doing or what the weather.


4) One guy who always looks amazing in a suit has got to be George Clooney. It doesn’t matter if it is in real life down the red carpet, or a suit on a character he is playing. He can pull off any look, any suit and still look fantastic.


5) We can’t forget Brad Pitt, a heart throb amongst the women and a fashion icon for the men. Always looking the part, especially for those big events.


6) For the younger generation, it has got to be Rob Pattinson. This actor burst into the famous scene, and has upheld the smart and sophisticated look to go with his name.


7) How about David Bowie, even though the sometimes ‘out there’ fashion sense, he still pulls of the suit with style. An icon many have followed.


8 ) Colin Firth is a heart throb for every woman, whilst every man would love to pull off a suit like he does. He always looks sharp with well fitted suits of any style.


9) Now for the second James Bond – Pierce Brosnan. The one that every man wanted to be (and not just because he was James Bond). Pierce Brosnan could pull off the more relaxed look with an open shirt and suit jacket, and he could look just as amazing dressed for the red carpet. A true suit icon.


10) And finally last but not least, it has to be David Beckham. This guy always looks smart, no matter what he is doing. A suit is second nature to his dress sense, and he pulls of the fantastic look with ease. No wonder so many would love to be like him.

That is Suits Men’s top 10.

Would you have anyone different??

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