How too…for Suit Buttons!

A quick blog with a few quick tips on suit buttons and buttoning up.

A brief history
Have you ever wondered where the unwritten rule of leaving the bottom button undone has come from?

In the 1900’s King Edward VII put on a lot of weight, meaning that he couldn’t do up the bottom button around his extra-large stomach. His court and followers; not wanting to anger him, copied suit and undid their bottom buttons. From there it spread as a fashion around the world, to what we now know as the unwritten suit button rule.


Suits, now, are constructed in such a way that to get the proper fit and drape of a jacket the bottom button must be undone.


One Rule that must be followed
When standing the jacket must be buttoned up, when sat it can be undone for comfort and style. However when you then stand again, the jacket must be re-buttoned.


How to button those suits…
Below are a few pointers on how to button certain suits…


One Button Suits
Now one button suits are fairly simple. When stood you do the button up. When sat down it is undone. No extra buttons to think about, fiddle with or confuse you.



Two Button Suits
These suits are also simple. Do up the top button leaving the bottom button un-done. This will allow you to get the best fit from the suit. If you button both you will instantly notice from look and feel that the jacket does not fit right.



Three Button Suits
This is where you get more choice. You can either do both the top and middle button up leaving the bottom button un-done, or you can just do up the middle button leaving both the top and bottom buttons un-done.



There you go…
Now you know how to button up your suit correctly you have no excuse not to look stylish and smart.


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