SuitsMen need your help!

SuitsMen are extending their range by introducing a Made to Measure section.

We will be able to make you a suit to the exact measurements you need! With slightly longer arms, a bigger middle, longer back than is normally available, any alterations you may need.


And we can do all this for you without you having to come in for a measurement, without having to break the bank and without having to worry that you are not going to get the perfect suit for you.


However, we could do with a little help.

We are struggling on choosing a name for the brand! There are two sections to the Made to Measure. We have the English made material, and the imported material. Both fantastic quality, superb suits and perfect for our customers.


So we have put below a few examples of what we were thinking and would like your input.

Plus if you help us out you will be the first to know when the new name and brand is launched!


Examples of Names

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You can even vote for if you don’t agree with any of the above.


If you have any other ideas that you think would suit our suits, then please leave a comment, contact us here or call us on 01335 361287.


This discussion is also taking place on our blog site, on Twitter and on Facebook so don’t forget to check those out.