The suit you didn’t know you wanted…

Suits Men have got a way for you to have your very own personalised suit. Now you could take that to mean embroidery, but that’s not what we mean. You could take it to mean specially chosen colours, (now that is possible) but that’s not what we mean.

We mean you could have personalised pinstripes! It’s a suit that no one else would ever own.

We are offering the chance for you to choose a word, saying, phrase, lyric, verse or even just your name or date of birth as the pinstripe to your suit. Instead of just the normal stripe.

Finding it hard to picture? Take a look at the examples below.

The black suit with the white word pinstripe is the boldest and most vibrant. This makes the words clear. (You still have to be close enough to read them though).


The Charcoal suit with red pinstripe is a bit more subtle. People won’t be able to see this until they are shaking your hand.

Your suit will be completely made to order, meaning that you can choose exactly what material you want, what colour you want the main suit and what colour you want the pinstripe!

Now if you are having a little trouble wondering what on earth you could put as your pinstripe, keep an eye out for the next few blogs which will give tips, examples and ideas.

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