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The Paralympics have begun and we watch in admiration of the athletes that are competing.


The strength and ability they show is unbelievable, and the things that they can achieve inspire everyone.


Whether you are watching at home or at the trackside, the sports and events that these athletes compete in are incredible to watch.



Here at Suits Men we want to make the Paralympics a great event for you too, and to do this we are sorting out your outfit and clothing so you can focus on the ‘superhuman’ athletes and the achievements they make.


If you are watching the blind tandem cyclists, or the 400m freestyle amputee swimmers, you will be cheering on those athletes with the rest of the crowd.


This also counts if you are at home with friends and family supporting our athletes from there.


Track and Field
Now if you are not watching the swimming or cycling you could be out with the runners and club throwers and for this a whole different outfit will be needed.


Our track and field event blog will help you choose the perfect outfit.


Completely outdoors
Whether this is watching the Team Equestrian Tests at Greenwich or standing at the barriers supporting the marathon athletes you will need the perfect clothing attire to keep you warm and in the Paralympic spirit.


Check out our Outdoor Clothing Blog, it will have everything you need.

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