Do you find it hard to find a suit that fits?

For many people buying a mens suit that is ‘off the rail’ from a high street store is perfectly fine, the jacket may be slightly too long, but not so long that it needs to be altered, or the trousers may be slightly too big on the thighs.


However, there are those who cannot just go out and buy a ready-made suit. The reason could be one of many, their profession, hobby or lifestyle. But it is all because of the same factor ‘Body Shape’.


Take Cyclists and Water-skiers for instance. Finding a suit jacket is the same for them as everybody else, it may be slightly too long on the body or ½ an inch to big on the chest. However finding trousers to fit can be a painstaking task.


People who have bigger thigh muscles and calf muscles than the average person, be it through sport or hobby can find it difficult to get trousers to fit them the way suit trousers should.


This is where Suits Men’s new Bespoke service ‘Rupert the Tailor’ can help.



Rupert the Tailor is affordable, simple to understand and easy to do. With measurement guides, a large range of suits and help on the end of a telephone call (01335 361287) or email, we will find the suit that is perfect for you and your body shape.


Making you look smart without you overspending.


So it doesn’t matter if you Cycle, walk, Run or Ski, Rupert the Tailor is guaranteed to make you the suit that fits. It won’t have a jacket that is too long or trousers that are too tight. It will be perfect for you.


To find out more about Rupert the Tailor Email here or call 01335 361287.


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