Difficult to find the perfect suit due to body shape?

Finding a suit that fits perfectly is hard to most people. However if you have a different body shape to most, for whatever reason, may this be lifestyle, sport or hobby. Finding a suit to even look right when you put it on can seem impossible.


That is where we come in. Rupert the Tailor is the Bespoke side of Suits Men, and we are producing quality and affordable made to measure suits.



Now in the last SuitsMen blog we covered cyclists and water-skiers (or those who thigh muscles or calf muscles make it hard for them to pick up an ‘off the rail’ suit and have it fit)

We also stock a large selection of suits for small men and large mens suits.


This time we are looking at Shoulders, so with sport this could be swimmers or rowers, or even jobs with hard physical work.


Shoulder muscles which is more than considered ‘average’ means that finding a suit with enough room around your biceps, or with enough shoulder width to allow movement easily is difficult.


It could also mean that you end up buying a jacket that is actually bigger than you need to allow for this extra room. Therefore your jacket doesn’t fit you properly and probably doesn’t look as good as it should.


But that’s where Rupert the Tailor can help. We take the measurements from your arm length, bicep and chest and create the perfect jacket for you.


Rupert the Tailor is affordable, simple to understand and easy to do. With measurement guides, a large range of suits and help on the end of a telephone call (01335 361287) or email, we will find the suit that is perfect for you and your body shape.


To find out more about Rupert the Tailor follow this link. Email here or call 01335 361287.


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