Another one for Body Shape…Sleek and Slender


We have spoken about those with calf muscles and thigh muscles that make finding trousers hard. We have also look at those with larger shoulders, making it hard to get a jacket to fit, or meaning that a larger jacket is bought to compensate for the room needed.


But what about those that do not have the muscular shoulders or thighs? Long distance runners for instance have smaller frames than most. Many people can relate to this type of body shape. They may find the trouser legs are too wide and therefore hang in a strange way. Or the jacket body (around the stomach) is too loose and baggy. The shoulders may even been a little too large.


Some people may even find that their chest and waist size are smaller than average, and many off the rail suits do not stock this type of measurement.


That’s where Rupert the Tailor can help. We make a suit to your measurements. You don’t have to be a measurement that fits the ‘off the rail’ suit, and it doesn’t matter what your measurements are, we will make the suit to fit your body.

We can alter the trouser legs so they are not so baggy around your bottom or thighs, and we can make them as long or as short as you need.


How do we do this…


Well it’s extremely easy to buy a suit from Rupert the Tailor. We have an easy to follow measurement guide on the website which allows you to enter accurate measurements. We have a large range of suits to choose from and with help on the end of a telephone call (01335 361287) or email, we will find the suit that is perfect for you and your body shape.


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