Why we should Not buy from Amazon, Google or Starbucks

I know, they make it so easy don’t they? That one click purchase?

Well, as a small business, I am going to have a rant about these big companies. SuitsMen is a small retailer.  If you call us, you will get Debbie, Theresa or me.

And yet  SuitsMen pays more tax, than Amazon.  Yes, that Goliath of the internet.   But, with £7.6bn of sales in the last 3 years, surely they must have made a little profit? Read about it here.

Google and Starbucks are not much better.  Starbucks manage to avoid most of their tax too, and Google say they would pay more tax if the law was changed.


  So, who is to blame?


I think that is the wrong question. I believe these companies have a responsibility to pay tax, to support the country they make money in.  To work so hard to avoid tax, (however legitimate it might seem from a legal point of view) is morally wrong.

So, for now, the Bowlings will be spending no more at Amazon. I have found that despite the fact they pay no tax, I can usually find the item cheaper elsewhere. It just takes a small amount of effort.

Please join me. It will give you a warm glow to know you are doing something to help us out of recession.



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