Why you should choose Bespoke over High-street Stores

High-street stores offer people a quick fix. They have the expensive suits and the “cheaper” suits. They have a variety of suits, well work and evening – not exactly a variety. They have material that could be a lot better and they have a sizing system that means you have to try on every suit you ever want to buy from them.

So what has Bespoke got that’s better?

Bespoke means that the suit you buy is tailor made to your body shape and size.
No more having to squeeze your shoulders into a jacket too small. Or buy a size too big to be able to do up the buttons around your stomach. Having the baggy bottoms on your trousers so they fit around the waist – this issue is GONE with Bespoke.

Double Breasted Satin Collar Dinner Suit
Double Breasted Satin Collar Dinner Suit by Rupert the Tailor

Your jacket will fit perfectly on the shoulders, you can do up the buttons by your stomach, your trousers will be comfy and fit properly around your bum. The arms and legs will be the right length and you will look fantastic! You will also feel it as a suit that fits is comfy!

Bespoke also offer a better choice of materials and colours – well you can choose to have whatever you want really…

High-street stores tend to stick to the safer options of Navy, Black and Charcoal. The regular 3.

Bespoke allows you to have the suit you want in Pinstripes, self-stripes any stripes.

High-street has fixed styles – you want a 2 button suit – “Sorry Sir, we only have a 3 button suit”.

Bespoke means if you want a 2 button suit, that’s what you get.

If you want more buttons on the sleeve, if you want brace buttons instead of belt loops, if you want a hole in your lapel, if you want the extra ticket pocket – all of these you can have, you just have to ask. You can’t do this in a high-street store.

So Bespoke is better than the High-street, why?

You get a better fit, better material and a much better suit for a little more cost.

SuitsMen’s new Bespoke side to the website Rupert the Tailor is Simplicity in Bespoke clothing.

Nehru Suit by Rupert the Tailor
Nehru Suit by Rupert the Tailor

We have styles already done, with colours and materials sorted. You choose your suit, jacket or trousers, give us your measurements and we make the perfect suit for you.

Our measurement guide is clear and simple to use – but please measure yourselves! Your favourite pair of trousers may be a 36” waist, but lay them flat measure them across the waistband and double the measurement, you may find them not to be a 36” at all… (high-street sizing for you)

Save your measurements with us so next time you come all you need to do is choose your next item.

And if you want any extra details adding to the suit, just let us know. We can put any extra pockets, buttons or even change the lining colour if you want.

For that little extra cost you can get the perfect suit, so why put up with the ‘Ok’ fitting from the high-street when you don’t have to.

For more information about Rupert the Tailor or SuitsMen call us on 01335 361287, email us here, check out our website, www.suitsmen.co.uk 

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