How to tie a Bow Tie – The Facts Explained!


Many try to avoid the stress and strain of tying their own Bow-Tie. The strange twists and knots of material to get that perfect bow.


But it’s not as hard as many people think, to achieve the look they are after. There are many guides around for those who do not know where to start or to refresh those memories that have done it before.


So below, SuitsMen have put their own Bow-Tie Guide, easy to follow instructions for your Bow-Tie.


The Bow Tie should never be wider than the broadest part of your neck and should not extend past the tips of your shirt collar.

Take a look at the instructions and have a go yourself. Remember you probably won’t get it right straight away, but practice makes perfect!


1) Looking into a mirror put the Bow Tie around your neck. You should have the piece on the left hand side 1.5″ lower than the right.


2) Cross the left piece over the top of the right, and then fold it back under and up through the loop.


3) The right hand piece is now hanging down, fold this to the right and then double it back on itself.


4) With your left forefinger and thumb, hold this folded piece secure, and drop the left piece (the other piece) down over the front on the fold.


5) Take the left piece mid way up and pass through the back fold loop.


6) Push the loop through the knot behind the front loop and pull tight. Be careful not to over pull it and try to make it as even as possible!


Once you master the Bow Tie Knot you will be able to master anything! Not forgetting ties and cravats.


If there are any other items of clothing that you don’t know how to tie or wear, please let us know and we will do a blog for you with instructions and illustrations.


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