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Rupert the Tailor allows you to buy your perfect suit, jacket or trousers with the greatest of ease!

We have told you about our items from our British Wool Suits, to our Nehru and Double Breasted, our Corduroy and Fashion Blazers and our Wool Blend Trousers.

We now have waistcoats to match some of the suits making them the perfect 3 piece suits!

Our easy to follow measurement guide is available online as well as through the post, we also have the “Travel to You Measurement Service in Derbyshire”. Making taking your measurements as easy and as simple as possible. No stress, No hassle.

Our suits are put together in the style we believe is best for that type of suit. With the number of buttons on the front and sleeves, the colour of the lining and piping or even the number of vents it has.

But this isn’t set in stone. For those of you who want to alter, change and tweak bits of your suit then that is fine and available using our personalisation page.

Change lining colours, piping colours, number of buttons; you can even have a monogram embroided on the inside of your jacket to make it unique and personal.


Double Breasted Satin Collar Dinner Suit
Double Breasted Satin Collar Dinner Suit


The New Addition

We have also just added the back length measurement to this. We know what the length would be to make the jacket look great, but everyone is individual and some may want it longer or shorter than we suggest.

Even if you want to change something that isn’t on the personalisation page, just let us know and we will do what we can to make your suit, suit jacket or suit trousers as perfect as possible.


100% Wool Suit (Waistcoat Also Available)
100% Wool Suit (Waistcoat Also Available)



If you don’t want to order over the website, we can send you a postal package. With the measurement guide, garments and prices

and personalisation’s. Just fill it out and send it back to us to complete your order. We can also do them over the phone.


Contact Us

If you have any questions or queries please call us on 01335 361287 and we will do everything we can to help. You can also contact us by email here.

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